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Increase surge

Qwurdilu's Avatar

02.13.2017 , 05:29 AM | #1
According to this telekinetics is dead last in terms of dps. Can we just have the 10% surge talent inreased to 30%? That would increase our sustained and burst, both of which we lack a lot. Thank you

Equeliber's Avatar

02.13.2017 , 06:15 AM | #2
Yes, I personally think that would be the best and easiest buff. Always thought so since 5.0.

Same thing could be done to Marksmanship sniper which has a similar passive and it got nerfed same way. And it is also in a terrible condition right now.

If Bioware thinks 30% is too much, put it at 20% at least. Currently both these specs are way too weak in burst which is their primary role.
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mike_carton's Avatar

02.13.2017 , 03:00 PM | #3
Sniper?! Don't they have their own forum?

Besides, I think this can't be serious. I know a 9-year old who plays a devastating sniper in PvP and is always telling people to take advantage of the Merc and Sniper FOTM builds before BWA nerfs them. Two out of the top 3 DPS disciplines in Bant's listing (linked to in the OP) are Sniper disciplines.

The low burst damage of Sages leads to low survivability as well, especially in PvP where match-making doesn't ensure healers on both teams.

BraverDre's Avatar

02.13.2017 , 10:10 PM | #4
Sage/Sorcs dps needs to be increased. It is the worst dps class in every dps specs. They nerfed it very hard and now they must buff it. I pay for sub and I mained sorc for 3 years. If devs dont buff it till 5.2, I will leave the game. All we want is to be useful in NiP. Dps spec means DPS. DPS - not survivabilit-t-t-t-y