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Balance vs Telekinesis

HelionOmega's Avatar

02.14.2017 , 10:22 PM | #1
I was wondering which sage sub class to get? i have a balance sage lvl 70, but might switch to telekinesis, idk yet. which one is better for pve?
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Big_Marser's Avatar

02.15.2017 , 02:03 AM | #2
You asked the question the wrong way. There is no "which one is better" as a general rule.

A Telekinesis Sage drops stones and air pressure waves to your enemies causing direct (burst) damage, while the Balance guy puts damage over time (DoT) effects to several foes.

So it depends on your way to play the character, which type of Sage is the best for you. I think, Telekinesis is a little bit easier to play, because you focus on a enemy, deal as much damage as you can until he falls over. Balance has more micro management, you have to spread out your DoT effects on several enemies. So as a result, Telekinesis works better for single strong enemies, while Balance is better in taking down groups of weakier ones - with the right handling of each. ;-)

fabsus's Avatar

02.15.2017 , 02:47 AM | #3
i would say, atm the "kamehameha-sage" is the better choice to play,
if you really wanna play a useless dps-sage.
pros are the very high aoe-skills, what will kill addgroups very fast,
if you do it right. you also have a higher range, so in some fights, depending
on your tactics, it could improve your dps, too, or reduces the healing you need.
the burst-dps you can do, is important for some bosses, like styrak.
at the end of the day, you should need to play both.

but i would think twice, playing a sage as dps these times. play it, if you like,
but don't get frustrated by the lack of dps you do. everything is fine, if you stay
in veteran operations. but if i should do dps in master mode, i switch to a shadow,
mando or everything else than a sage.
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