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Merc nerf, Damage or Healing? when?

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Merc nerf, Damage or Healing? when?

ShieldProtection's Avatar

05.08.2017 , 04:35 PM | #1
People keep talking about mercs will get nerfed, I see that alot on general chat. so I ask which one is mostly will get nerfed? Damage or healing? I'm having great time with healing bodyguard disc, hopefully they don't touch anything on healing part and nerf only damage,

and when?

Gyronamics's Avatar

05.08.2017 , 04:39 PM | #2
"People" know as much about upcoming class changes as you do.

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americanaussie's Avatar

05.08.2017 , 04:40 PM | #3
People talk. There are no announced class balances so no one knows. Could be anything. Could be nothing. Right now it's nothing.
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MetalGhost's Avatar

05.09.2017 , 09:29 AM | #4
Well it will eventually happen for the past 6 years every class that was on top got nerfed into the ground eventually and became garbage for a while. Once they nerf them it will be probably at least a year till they will be decent again if the class is lucky. Its good to see mercs do good now because there was a time where they were only good for just healing. They will probably be revamped to where you have to be healing spec to get any good healing out of them but if your healing spec your dps will suc and your defense will be average at the most. It will happen eventually and they will not be FOTM anymore. For instance I remember assassines/shadows being FOTM like 5 years ago at least the hybrid spec then once they fixed that they were only good for tanking for a long time and that would be debatable if they were even good at that.