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Cannot log in past the character selection screen on harbinger since maintenance

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Cannot log in past the character selection screen on harbinger since maintenance

nerdbait's Avatar

05.09.2017 , 12:10 PM | #1
Can log in to game even create a character if I want but when I got to any existing character and click play it acts like its loading then takes me back to the character screen repeatidly. Before I get snarked by angry nerds that want to think its my fault I restarted computer and modem my internet connection is fine as always and my computers healthy. I'm waiting on the phone with customer service right now. So no snark just helpful answers or you nerds leave this post alone.

Tadagyt's Avatar

05.09.2017 , 12:15 PM | #2
same here. It was working fine a couple of minutes ago.

twtdragonmaster's Avatar

05.09.2017 , 12:24 PM | #3
Same issue, can get into first 4 toons, but after that cant log into any of the rest.

nerdbait's Avatar

05.09.2017 , 12:27 PM | #4
when customer service finally answers im on hold ill keep everyone posted....and I made a new character and am able to play that but mu existing characters the ones I want to play I cannot.

Andryah's Avatar

05.09.2017 , 12:35 PM | #5
Harbinger strikes again.

I hear the gerbils in the treadmill cage are real @#$%^ and are threating to walk out yet again.

No regrets leaving that server a long time ago.

On a serious note... last weeks patch and long downtime as well as this weeks outbreak of squirrels might indicate they are doing some hardware configuration changes in the background. I wonder what they are up to.
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Herotheory's Avatar

05.09.2017 , 01:21 PM | #6
Logged in after much difficulty, only to buy something from the GTN and receive an attachment containing nothing.. lol
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