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Galactic Command and uprisings STORY *SPOILERS* so don't read if your not spoiled!

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Galactic Command and uprisings STORY *SPOILERS* so don't read if your not spoiled!

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05.09.2017 , 08:23 AM | #1
Hi fellow SWTorians, got this thing bugging me and wanted to check if I missed something or if it is what it is

So was gone since Christmas and just returned and finished the last chapters. Then I started to orient my self around what else there is to do these days. I see there is the command system, level and gear, uprisings and a new op. But I don't see how it all fit inn with the rest of the galaxy.


The old flashpoints and ops had a story behind them, they all (fps) connected into the Malgus storyline culminating in the Ilum events. I enjoyed that, and I liked how playing all classes added more insight into the events. The ops kinda connected into their own stories, like Revan and Rishi and so on. Or the alien ambassadors on fleet, and by extention even the gree event. It's all connected somehow.

Lots of words there, thing is: Did I miss an intro or something to the uprisings and the new ops? Huge note: Not tried the op yet, and only done one uprising so...yeah I might be the problem. Still the uprising I did felt like being thrown into some random fight with no purpose, no idea why I was there. Also not quite sure where to go after finishing the main chapter stories.

Anyone got some insight or direction for me?