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Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide (Ships, Components, Crew, Tips)

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Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide (Ships, Components, Crew, Tips)
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.29.2014 , 04:57 PM | #261
Definitely needs to be stickied.

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08.02.2014 , 10:48 AM | #262
Quote: Originally Posted by phalczen View Post
Definitely needs to be stickied.
I've been neglecting the addition of some silly builds here in favor of farming for Galactic Mattress (and playing X-Wing Miniatures, because lolnerd). I'll get around to it soon, promise!
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08.02.2014 , 11:42 AM | #263
You know it's a good expansion when you have an Excel spreadsheet and are calculating optimum paths, and the reward is a virtual treehouse. How many Fabrication Universal Collection Kits do you have to give for a "NO GRILS ALLWED" sign?

As for XWM, call me when that has an online thing, and I'll swarm over it with the fury of... I dunno, something pretty angry.
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08.03.2014 , 05:29 AM | #264
Quote: Originally Posted by Magira View Post
Bloodmark Build:


Laser Cannon (Crit/Shield)
Ion Missiles (Range/Engine)
Interdiction Drive (Duration)
Tensor Field (TurningRestoration)
Repair Drone (Shield)
Communication Sensors
Large Reactor
Reinforced Armor
Range Capacitor


Engineering: Blizz
Offensive: Jaesa Wilsaam (Copilot)
Tactical: Mako
Defensive: Writch Hurley
Amazing how a few dozen hours of flight priorities shift. As above, I would now fly only to pure bomber escort.

That would be my current status:

Laser Cannon (Crit / Hull)
Ion Missiles (Range / Engine)
Interdiction Drive (Duration)
Tensor Field (Evasion/Restoration)
Distortion Field (Missile Lock)
Communication Sensor
Large Reactor
Range Capacitor
Light Armor

Engineering: Blizz
Offensive: Jaesa Wilsaam
Tactical: Mako (Copilot)
Defensive: Vector

Important: At the start, immediately tensor + Inderdiction. No one is faster on the satellite.

At the moment I am testing Rapid fire laser as an alternative. Works well on the satellite and it is quite possible that I will change when I have mastered it.
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08.03.2014 , 10:13 AM | #265
LLC > RFL in all circumstances.

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08.03.2014 , 01:31 PM | #266
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuciwalker View Post
LLC > RFL in all circumstances.
Not true, RFL has better awesomeness.

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08.03.2014 , 02:23 PM | #267
Quote: Originally Posted by Zoom_VI View Post
Not true, RFL has better awesomeness.
Strictly speaking RFL has more pewiness.

LLCs go: pew-pew
RFLs go: pew-pew-pew-pew

This is often confused with phewiness, as in, "phew, RFLs really stink as a component."

Despite the similar spellings and the fact the RFLs are both pewie and phewy the two traits are actually independent of each other.
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08.03.2014 , 04:22 PM | #268

This is the build I favor for the type 2 bomber ("girl bomber", "dronecarrier") in TDM. While there are other options (listed in this thread) that can build a better nest, or help at a node better, this ship is very solid at helping your allies apply pressure to a team, while being a very hard target for a solo enemy to take down. This is a VERY valuable part of a "bomberball", though its lack of mines means that it shouldn't normally be the only part.


Primary Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannon (T4 Ignore Armor, T5 18% Shield Damage )
Heavy lasers have extra range over the other options, and are often useful in a TDM. In situations where lights would be better you are normally going to have to rely on others for support anyway.
The shield piercing is a fine call here, but the shield damage strips shields quickly- an opponent with middling hull and full shields is much better served with this build, and the annoying opponents with full shields but almost no hull will hopefully fall to your concussions or railgun drones.

Secondary Weapon:Concussion Missiles (T4 Increased Range, T5 Ignore Armor)
By giving up seekers you can't make a true nest, but you gain the ability to make missile tones that enemies must LOS, boost past, or break, and of course you gain the ability to actually land very solid concussion hits from ranges that are typical in both TDMs. The important thing to remember here is that you are not primarily a missile boat- you should always be clicking on anyone who is performing actions you don't like (for instance, running at your railgun drone, running at your allies, aiming a railgun). Like any missile ship, you should try to release when they have no breaks or when they are close, but with an undending supply of ammunition (and plenty to start with) you can also simply launch to force maneuvers.

Engine: Interdiction Drive (T3 Increase Duration)
Interdiction Drive doesn't really synergize with the rest of the build as much as it does others (interdiction drone / seeker mine is a great combination). So why pick it? It offers enough. Interdiction drive can force enemies to change everything about what they are doing, and this button can often kill even decent pilots inside a scaffolding- press it as they are turning around a pillar and the instant effect can sometimes score hull damage or kills. It is also very solid should there be a fight that is happening around you, normally your weakest situation. The interdiction drive creates time and debuffs your foes, often leading them into your missiles, or an ally's missiles.

Systems: Railgun Sentry Drone (T4 Ignore Armor, T5 Reduced Charge Time)
I find that ignoring armor is generally better than the shield piercing. The drone's baseline 20% is already large enough that a scout can't tank the damage forever, and upping it to 28% doesn't change their play for the worse, or kill them that much faster. Meanwhile, enemies that have any manner of hull armor will take the full railgun- since the railgun is moderate dps, this makes the railgun threatening to some enemies who would otherwise not care much, changing their playstyle in your favor. I think the reduced charge is better because the railgun often spends time with enemies flying out of range or otherwise, but the extra damage can be good too. I normally put the railgun drone down somewhat near an obstacle.

Shields: Repair Drone (T3 Refill Ammunition)
This is a very solid choice, and allows you to be far more wiling to tank protons and other hull damaging situations to get a kill, as you will often be able to heal to full after. Ammo is the only option on this thing unless you are running a premade with a very odd strategy. The game doesn't record all the rocked pod damage this thing does as yours, but having it recorded under some hero scout doesn't change the reality- that's your damage, because if you weren't there, it wouldn't have happened.

Sensor: Range Sensors
Comms are reasonable here, but as fleet support you will almost always be close enough for allies to communicate with you, but you MAY be at the forward edge.

Reactor: Large Reactor
This is just the best. I'm not gonna copy my math, but if you have some theory about the other reactors, use the search button, and pick large reactor.

Armor:Reinforced Armor
A bit of math will show that you have a higher time to kill versus railguns and blasters with lightweight, and you'll do better versus mines with deflection. So why reinforced? Simply put, bombers have a ton of base hull and no missile break, so adding to that will only help. Going from 2000 hull to 2400 hull makes a big difference, and with heals your enemies will have to wear down that extra 400 again and again. This is the only hull that works against EVERYTHING, and with this build you are in the open a lot. Want to live longer? Get more hitpoints. Or think about it the next time you have a 10 second proton or thermite chasing you from across the map with no way to break. Reflect upon your decision then!

Magazine: Regeneration Extender
It's generally better for shooting, and you don't need more missiles, because the drone makes infinity missiles. I mean, that's kind of odd that YOU don't have infinity missiles, but the DRONE can...
Never mind.


Copilot: Mako / Kendra Novar (Running Interference)
Wingman is a close contender, but this is one of the places I've found RI to be helpful. When you get swapped to by multiple opponents, you need some luck and some engine power to escape back to peels. Running Interference would be nicer with lightweight armor, but it's not bad all by itself. Nullify would be in the running if it didn't last basically no time at all. You COULD also consider bypass, but you'll probably want your heavies to be shield piercing then, and you need to be very aware of enemies with low hull so you can vulture them.

Offensive: Jaesa Willsaam / Qyzen Fess (2 degrees to firing arc, 6% accuracy)
This helps you lock missiles, which is a big deal on this ship. The accuracy helps your heavy lasers. The other options are both poor for you: you can't run out of ammo, and the 8% haste on reload is just not comparable to these.

Defensive: Vector / Nadia Grell (10% shield power pool, 5% evasion)
This generally remains the best. You might be ok going with a damage reduction and shield crewmember, but the evasion is nice during Running Interference.

Tactical: Mako / Kendra Novar (sensor radius & communication / sensor focus & communication)
The sensor part is very minor, and we want RI.

Engineering: Yuun / 2V-R8 (13% weapon power efficiency, 13% engine efficiency)
This build is for TDM. While the minor ability to run into the fray can be nice, you'll spend plenty of times with "tactical reloads" of your engine pool whether you pick the 10% engine or not, and without a satellite to rush to you just don't need that dash of engine power as much. Consider Blizz/C2N2 if you plan to chase purple power ups- the extra on the recharge is very noticable then. The big thing is that in a TDM scenario you will OFTEN have targets for your heavy lasers, and taking shots at the edge of your reticule might be bad for your accuracy, but it can deal damage and get kills, and this crewmember mostly makes taking those shots from a dicey decision to a pretty solid one.

Strategy: You boost out with your ships, and let them get ahead while you go full throttle (not boosting) to get your purple back. If an enemy has DO, fly towards them and near an obstacle- your goal is to either kill them or taunt them to you, at which point you will drop your drones and LOS. If an ally has DO, chase him hard and missile anyone trying to peel him. Place Railgun Drones aggressively, but not before the enemy has been met- an enemy is much less likely to swap to a drone once he is already in a fight, as you deny him the "strafe/missile the drone, then peel back and get my shields back" maneuver he would have as an option should you drop the railgun right away. You want the railgun to have multiple targets most of the time. If an enemy missile locks you, boost out of LOS or directly towards them. Watch your engines constantly- never get caught out in the open without engines.
In Kuat, try to select walls with the doors in them. You can gain a lot of time (and engine power) by flying in and out of doors, scaling close to walls, etc. In Shipyards, make use of the larger rocks and the scaffoldings.
Powerups are hard to get, but purple is extremely good for you, blue is better than for most ships, and this is a pretty solid bomber to grab red on. You won't get many DOs compared to other ships, but understand that you'll normally fare best by shooting heavies and not even locking the missiles- the dps on the heavies is amazing, and you'll often land an extra shot or two that you wouldn't should you have launched a missile, and this can often get you a kill.
Set up your drones near other bomber nests and most especially near allied gunships. The ideal situation is a little behind an enemy gunship, such that an enemy gunship trying to snipe it won't have much green range to work with- you want him to get within 14500 of your railgun drone and be like 17000 away from an allied gunship- your ally can definitely exploit that!
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08.04.2014 , 04:18 AM | #269
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuciwalker View Post
LLC > RFL in all circumstances.
Hu, only a single point on the list of defects.
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08.17.2014 , 11:32 PM | #270
As a new player who started only a week ago, wanted to say thanks heaps for this thread. Best guide I found that helped me get up to speed. I've tried the Pike and Star Guard based on recommendations here, but settled on this Clarion build as the ship that's giving me the most fun/effectiveness at such an early stage.

Clarion Dive Bomber (not actually a bomber)

This is a shoot and scoot build with the ability to act as a moving target / distraction, break from a dogfight and outrun other ships with minimal req investment. I don't claim this build is any good when you have all the ship options and the experience to use them (a week in, I have neither). But it does give you a fighting chance against more experienced players and is a great way to learn how to shoot and maneuver without the frustration of getting killed over and over.

I play it in TDM because of how slippery and tanky it is. Going 4 kills 1 death is much more beneficial to the team than going 6 kills and 4 deaths on a Pike. Often I accidentally find myself in enemy territory but dive and evade back to friendlies with no trouble -- and hopefully give them something to shoot at while the rest of my team lands kills. In domination I play it for the same reason - holding points and generally wasting people's time when they try and attack me.

None of the gear used on this build is higher than level 2, so you have no fancy options. So we're just using basic stuff you can get after a few days.

Quad lasers (level 2): Seems like the best short-medium range weapon for this ship. Don't expect to get many kills with them, but you can occasionally land a lucky shot and are fun to spam. The first two upgrades are useful for getting these to a point where you might actually hit something.

Proton Torpedos (level 2): Better for a newbie than the Thermite that are often recommended, these give you a large whack of damage that will finish something by themselves, rather than expect you to close in with quads (which is really really hard after just a week of play). The first upgrade is mandatory for reducing lock on times, and the second upgrade is still cheap and gives the chance of a lucky shot.

Repair Probes (level 1): If you're trying to draw fire while minimizing deaths, you can't get pecked to death by shots that get through your shields but don't kill. The tier 2-3 upgrades aren't that fantastic for this build so just get the reduced cooldown and forget about spending more points on them for now.

Directional Shield (level 2): Bit more tanky than the Shield Projector. These let you throw all shields to aft while you power dive all over the map, bringing us to...

POWER DIVE (level 2, but level 3 is great too if you can get it): In caps as it is the core of this build. Power Dive speeds you off at a right angle downwards, so if you use it wrong you'll troll yourself with a controlled flight into asteroid.

However, once you get the hang of pointing your nose directly up first, then power diving, this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. With the tier 2 reduced cooldown, you'll have more mobility than many ships. I've managed to lead more experienced scouts around in a huge circle on TDM maps just power diving all over the place. Eventually most players give up in favour of a less annoying target, letting you go back to locking on torpedoes.

Bonus points if you can power dive lead people in front of a line of friendly gunships, so always try to have a plan for getting in, getting attention, and having a destination.

Power Dive is also handy for satellite rushes in domination. When you spawn, hit F3 for more engine power, then point your nose up and power dive, then afterburner as you come out of the dive. You'll be upside down, but also ahead of other ships. A 10 second cooldown means you'll have it free to use again as you approach the sat, and two power dives and afterburner can let you contest a sat even at the same time as an opposing scout. Then you can fly in a circle around the sat with all power to shields and repair probes, and they typically won't have the firepower to dislodge you by themselves.

Lightweight Armor (level 2): Evasion is pretty good as it reduces the damage that gets through the shield, meaning less need for hull repairs.

Range capacitor (level 2): Helps you actually hit stuff with Quads, since you have a longer range window and hence less tracking penalties.

Large Reactor (level 2): More shields means less hull damage. Between these and other bonuses, your repair probes can cope with their workload.

Sensor: Doesn't matter at this low level so leave it stock. Later on I'm thinking communication range to help support the role as a rabbit.


Offensive as pinpointing/Field of Fire: Standard offensive crew choice here that means you might hit the broad side of an asteroid with your quads. While you're using torpedoes to get kills mostly, a blaster-oriented crew is still useful as it turns your quads from "pointless" to "might get lucky". I like those odds.

Defensive as power to shields/response turning/Bypass: More shields and more evasion means less hull damage in a prolonged fight. Bypass is an interesting ability that means your quads might kill something once in a while if you get a good attack run in. Plus Nadia seems to really enjoy power diving, judging by her cheers. It's a real party.

Tactical as crew with Wingman or Running Interference: At low levels not sure if the tactical passives do anything (maybe communication would help the rabbit role), but right now I spent points unlocking a crew with Wingman for a great offensive buff as an alternative to Bypass that help you actually hit stuff with Quads. Not sure which one is better - either way your blasters are mostly entertainment value, so is good to try both.

Running Interference is another fine choice since you're actually trying to get shot at, but I prefer the offensive options as I'd rather have the option to make my blasters useful than completely forget about them. At low gear and experience, a buff is really helpful to making blasters work.

Engineering with efficient manuevers and power to engines: C2-N2 is a big fan of power diving so enthusiastically tunes your engines so you can power dive all day.

So that's the build. Not the most offensive ship, but it is very possible to reliably go 4 kills to 1 or even 0 deaths in matches and lock down objectives after just a week in GSF, which after a week is I think the most you can ask for and helps your team more than getting farmed.