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Goodwill Post for BW - No sarcasm!

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Goodwill Post for BW - No sarcasm!

Lhancelot's Avatar

06.19.2019 , 09:06 AM | #1
Hopefully you guys are well, not overly stressed, and not overly sad about many of our negative posts and expressions we have left on the forums and across other internet platforms, whether it be about SWTOR or other games by BW.

We fans criticize and blame with broad generalizations who is at fault for what we perceive as failings on behalf of BW which isn't fair to the studio's hardworking employees who I believe really are trying to do their best.

This is a game, and in the big picture I think this is lost on us.

Sure, we want a fun and enjoyable game, and we get highly upset when the game seems to not bring us the joy it once did or as much joy as we think it should, but let's not lose grasp of reality which is, this is a game.

At any given time, we have the personal choice to not play any game we dislike or find more irritating than enjoyable.

I am going to try to refrain from being negative anymore, it adds nothing to criticize the game or level accusations at who may or may not be responsible for the state of SWTOR.

With positive energy comes positive results and with that in mind, I am going to just try to remind myself that this studio isn't just a studio but a group of people no less than me who are trying their best with what they got.

Godspeed to BW and good luck on creating something special with 6.0.
Players quit WZs they do not enjoy. You are losing PVPers.
Give players a choice of WZs, enough is enough (Huttball) already!

Good job increasing rewards for PVP! It was much needed, thank you.

Nemmar's Avatar

06.19.2019 , 09:26 AM | #2
I am very understanding of the devs and support their efforts cause i want to see the game rise up again.

But, i really want them to understand that performance is a super important pillar for that and i don't know what it means in terms of resources, but i really wish they prioritized it above everything else, so they can then build up on that.
In 7 years there have been small improvements in that regard, but it is still very noticeable how unstable the game is. Every new patch, the game breaks. A steady foundation from where to work from is extremely vital.