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TORWars Podcast #59: The Early Access Show

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TORWars Podcast #59: The Early Access Show

Barbara_Fett's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 10:39 AM | #1
This is certainly an exciting week for fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Why? Because early access begins this week, that’s why! In fact, on Tuesday, December 13th, players who have pre-ordered the game will begin to be allowed to log in and play. Personally, I feel like that time when I was a small boy. I had a list of toys that I really, really wanted, and I’d been waiting all year for Christmas to finally arrive. When Christmas morning finally arrived, I woke up early, and ran downstairs as fast as I could. Full of excitement and anticipation, I suddenly tripped, fell down the stairs, and broke my arm.

So, yeah, early access is kind of like that. Well, the waiting patiently and being all excited part. Not the broken arm part. Oh, never mind.

Of course, in this week’s podcast we thoroughly dissect early access to SWTOR, as well as a slew of other SWTOR news stories. What’s on the menu, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

  • The beta is dead: long live the beta!
  • The biggest suicidal dance party in history
  • Color matching and you
  • The sudden appearance of prepaid game cards
  • Mysterious midnight events
  • What two million SWTOR fans have been spending their time doing
  • The Inquisitor – dark, feathered death
  • What is James Ohlen saying now?
  • What’s going on with item mods
  • Will players get their games in time for launch?

Of course, this isn’t a complete list – this week’s ‘cast is so overflowing, we also cover a Sarlaac pit full of other stories. TORWars’ latest giveaway, free SWTOR music, how you can get the SWTOR client right now, SWTOR in Australia, and some interesting happenings in the world of guild management – heck we go on and on, to the point where both of your hosts are as exhausted as Santa’s elves by the end of the show.

So listen in, dear friends, and then tell us what you think. Don’t forget to leave us a comment – we want to hear from you!
(What? I could only afford a budget-priced lightsaber!)