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Merc healers are OP

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Merc healers are OP

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02.17.2012 , 02:22 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by djschrock View Post
STOP NERFING! If a class is op dont make that one less op by nerfing him just make eveyrone else up too par. You keep nerfing all the classes and nerfing abilities. WHY? players are always going to complain about certain classes being OP. Thats the name of the game. Make them all fair and balanced but dont go down or less go up and more!

What takes more time and resources? Nerfing 1 class, or buffing a bunch of others?

I couldn't care less about the nerf this or that, but to say buff all the others but this one, is just a longer more complicated way of nerfing that one class.
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02.18.2012 , 09:54 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Cegenaus View Post
i dont think you know what that means
He clearly does not.