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List of Missing or Bugged Codex entries from all Planets(Imperium)

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List of Missing or Bugged Codex entries from all Planets(Imperium)

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04.09.2013 , 05:40 PM | #241
Quote: Originally Posted by Farlo View Post
Doesn't look like they've made any attempt to fix the Codex bugs, but judging from the new "Legacy Achievements" system they're planning to implement in 2.0, I'm guessing they'll either tidy up the old Codex, or just get rid of it completely and port over our existing unlocks into the new system.

Info is on the main news page of course, but here's the link anywho:

Guess we'll find out later in the week. *Fingers crossed*
I have early access, (big whoop) and according to the patch notes the ONLY thing done to fix the codexes was to correct typos in the text. Comfirmed with on-line play, and just to add insult to injury, there are achievements that can only be achieved by gettin the codex entry. I am sure about the rest of you, but I find this lack of professtional pride quite infuriating. Honestly, letting these bugs go on for so long and largely ignored, speaks volumes about their attitude towards quality control.

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04.13.2013 , 08:34 AM | #242
Come on devs, I think this thread is worthy of a response. I realize that codex entries would not be very high up on the "to-do" list of things to fix but can we get a nod in our direction at least?
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04.13.2013 , 12:36 PM | #243
With the new reputation system that just went live codex entries are even more important then before because several of them overlap and track
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04.26.2013 , 07:40 AM | #244
I am an achievement junky currently sitting at 686 out of 887 with my codex entries. I have come to the sad truth that the codex system and now even the achievement system they implemented is broken (And I found this post). Many codices can only be obtained from instances that revolve around a certain class. This in itself would not be an issue if they made the codices account/legacy wide so that all characters received it once obtained. Their have also been lore objects I have missed in my own class quests, I would not mind a feature that let me re enter previous story line instances that I have already completed to obtain these (I am not lazy but I already have 8 toons and do not want to roll another for a codex). Certain creatures for the bestiary are not there, for example the 3 on Ilum, I do not think Acidstalker on Taris even exists but if anyone happens to find him let me know. The list goes on.

[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]The fact of the matter is they implemented a achievement system that revolves around a codex that is broken. Certain legacy titles are unobtainable and their are going to be some very unhappy people out there because of it.[/COLOR]

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04.27.2013 , 08:12 AM | #245
I keep working on it on the eternal hope that maybe they will work on fixing it. Maybe. One day.

They did fix a few issues this last patch, not all, but a few step forward.

Here are a couple of tips I have found :

- There are a couple of elite kills on some planets that are tied to quest lines. If you have toons that have already gone beyond them, they can be hard to get. I decided to hang out by the spawn point in the hope somebody would group me just for the kill. Turns out I got credit for two of them just by helping on the kill (NOT GROUPED). Weird no? This was on areas where the spawn happens not inside an instance of course.

- There is one I did get by stealing kills. Now, I would rather not do that but then BW left me little choice. It didn't hurt the other player in that they got credit and completed their quest, and in the end only 1 player got upset in that he/she wanted to do it him/herself, and I apologized. Didn't go too bad.

I had hopes that while working on the achievement system they would do a major cleanup of the codex, after all everything wrong is extremely well documented by now, but, seems they never read here.
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04.29.2013 , 05:51 PM | #246
Kind of sad, never even seen this in a game before. Achievements you cant unlock because the objectives dont exist? Very innovative. I just cant understand how something gets implemented without any testing at all, because all it would really take is 1 person, running through all the new achievements to be like "Wait a second...this is full of holes...we cant implement this, that would be terrible."

So...not a single person tested this?

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04.30.2013 , 01:42 PM | #247

please AmberGreen add problem with bugged/unobtainable codex entries
in "Known In-Game Issues"
this problem exists from start game in 2011 year and creates inconvenience to many people
also deserves attention

this lists of bugs

AmberGreen (responsible for problems and bugs- employee of Bioware) answer:

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting me. While we do know that there are Codex entries that are bugged, this is not something that belongs on the Known Issues. I've made a post here that clarifies what belongs there and why. Missing Codex entries do not affect gameplay, and we try to ensure that this list doesn't include issues such as this.

Nonetheless, I'll do some talking in the studio and will see if I can get enough solid info to post an update on the forums with regards to what's going on with Codex entries.

Thanks for understanding, and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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05.03.2013 , 01:09 PM | #248
So, they implement an Achievement system, but don't fix the codex entries in order to obtain them. WAY TO GO BIOWARE!!!!!

I am stuck being unable to get some of these because they are bugged or you have to create an entire new toon and level them to get it. This is SLOPPY!!! Fix your blasted codex system, I fail to see how it is THAT hard to do. Why create an achievement system if you CANT GET THE ACHIEVEMENT BECAUSE OF BROKEN CODEX????

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05.03.2013 , 02:54 PM | #249
Not sure if this is the right place for it.
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05.13.2013 , 03:47 PM | #250
Sorry if I missed this in an earlier page but is the Quesh codex entry Three Families bugged or can anyone enlighten me on where to find it? Thanks in advance