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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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05.21.2013 , 03:50 PM | #191
2 Flashpoints (Hammer Station and Athiss) and two times the same vanguard tank. First I thought he wears same kinky event armor set or some cartel market armor.. long cape etc. He was wearing green guardian armor with strength. a lot of it.
most of the time he just stood there and did nothing
pulled groups with hammer shot
used mortar volley only on single targets
when a mob came near him he ran away

Sure my first idea was.. ok he's new maybe playing for the first time.. np
but his legacy name was "the awesomeness" really.. which newbie names his legacy that way?

[I am too lazy to refer always to 'his or her' so ladies please forgive me]

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05.21.2013 , 04:00 PM | #192
Almost every group finder romp I do seems to include quite a few weird people including myself. I really prefer 2 manning flashpoints with comps and a good friend. That way we can take in the sights, scavenge, dance with our comps and each other and just have fun while succeeding at the FP and not be rushed or hassled by anyone. Note I am new, so these are like lvl 30's fp's.

My main is an immo spec'd jugg and I am learning to tank. A lot of it is fp-specific. So in the process I am learning the FP's by cuing as dps. Funny enough there is quite often a dps cued as a tank. So I end up tanking and he ends up dpsing anyways. But I still get to learn the FP's without people hammering on me if I miss a beat tanking.

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05.21.2013 , 04:12 PM | #193
Quote: Originally Posted by Cisavexis View Post
Had myself an interesting run of Mandalorian Raiders HM on my Shadow tank earlier this afternoon.

Shadows seem a bit squishy on 2.0, at least compared to the Guardian, so I tend to pull a bit more carefully and with more generous use of cooldowns. We had a DPS dropping out at the start, nothing unusual, and clearing the way proceeded as it normally would. Along the way our healer started asking to be guarded - a request I generally don't pay attention to. In hard modes I prefer to keep aggro on myself and with only a 66 hilt I therefore guard the hardest hitting DPS.
So we come up on one of the nastier pulls. The one where you go through a door, a strong mob will come running at you (which can be pulled separately), and the mobs on the next pull will spawn adds from a blast door on the left. Much as it usually happens, a DPS manages to pull both the running strong mob and the group behind. I AoE taunt, pop Deflection, throw Slow Time and proceed to spam Force Breach and Whirling Blow. I die. Afterwards our healer tells us she won't be healing me until she's guarded. Sounding an awful lot like an ultimatum effectively holding the party hostage until she gets her way. I simply reply that I won't be guarding a healer in a 55 HM.
I try the pull again, pretty much same approach. Now guarding the 31k HP Sentinel that joined us as a replacement for the dropout from earlier. Receiving no heals whatsoever. The inevitable vote kick of the healer fails, leaving me no choice but to abandon the run and sticking the healer and both DPS on ignore.

I wonder what might have happened had I kept at it until the first boss, Braxx the Bloodhound...
As a courtesy I normally oblige until I notice a DPS constantly stealing aggro at which time I just throw a guard in the middle of the fight on whoever steals aggro. Most healers will not know the difference anyway.
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05.21.2013 , 06:31 PM | #194
Quote: Originally Posted by Marvoussh View Post
I am still learning a lot in this game, I am not a native english speaker so some stuff takes a lot of time to learn.
For someone who is not a native English speaker, you have an excellent grasp of the language. I would have never been able to tell. Very impressive. I think that you have better grammar and punctuation than a lot of native English speakers lol.
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05.22.2013 , 09:53 AM | #195
Yesterday, 8 men TFB SM. We passed first 2 boss without an incident but 2 people dropped after the first wipe in Operator IX. We got 2 replacements from GF. One of them said he never did this before so we spent 10 minutes explaining him what to do. I think it was a bit unfortunate that he got blue so he had to go first. Anyway as you'd guess he did not get into the circle instead started randomly attacking stuff. Everybody was typing like crazy for him to move into the circle but he didn't. Someone even force pulled him into the circle but he left it asap. People were shouting, cursing in the chat but nothing. He ran around in random circles. We managed to hold it for like 5 minutes all this time shouting and trying to make him move. We wiped out disbanded the group.

I still don't know why he was not reading the chat or if he was reading why not responding.

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05.22.2013 , 12:50 PM | #196
Went on a FP run (Mandalorian Rage, I think) just for fun with a couple other DPS. We were 5+ levels above it, and our vanguard had his healer comp, so it should've been easy.

He would not summon his companion until I told him to three times. And when he finally summoned, he got Aric, so I had to tell him one MORE time, to have Elara. Our sentinel was still traveling, and the vanguard just runs ahead in and dies. Of course, I die too.

The sentinel arrives, and while he's noobish, he is willing to learn, and takes any advice I give him.
So I spend the FP trying to teach them both (Sent who listens, van who does not), and trying to keep up with the both of them continuously running ahead alone, when the van says this is too hard, and exits the area.

I had run a heroic before with this van, and he had run ahead, died, asked for res, and when we wouldn't do it he res'd himself, and ran ahead past two more mobs while stealthed. And then asked us why we, three mobs away, were not helping him. We just left him there.

So I suppose, knowing this guy, I should've known better...I have more luck with GF then with people I know from starting planet
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05.23.2013 , 01:39 AM | #197
Quote: Originally Posted by SW_display_name View Post
Huh. Well that is... more trivia about Shadow/Assassin tanking than I ever thought I'd learn, haha.

But he was trying to DPS and wasn't even spec'd into Harnessed Shadows (not joking, because I got bored with the incredibly long kill times and started watching his buffs every time he Project'd; I never even saw 1 stack of the HS icon). Instead he was just religiously avoiding melee range and TK Throw'ing on cooldown.

It was like a Sage trapped in a Shadow's body.
Rofl this made my day.
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05.23.2013 , 09:23 AM | #198
This is actually more of a second hand weirdness story.
I was running Mandalorian Raiders HM on my SIN tank. After the first pull, the healer goes: "Oh, good, you use Wither."

So I'm all "Wait, what, why wouldn't I use Wither?"

And he replies that the last SIN tank Group Finder got him refused to use Wither or Discharge as they 'ruined his rotation' and kept Overloading on cooldown instead.

I just sort of stood there for a moment, gobsmacked.

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05.23.2013 , 10:02 AM | #199
I had a Sorcerer in my Colicoid War Game group the other day who seemed to be very new to the game she was very disoriented by the cannon section and we needed to keep covering her to prevent her dying (she kept accidentally dismounting). Did awesome Lightning DPS, though.

Anyway, when we got to the last section she was incredibly excited that she could use Slicing to open the cage door and get a pet Akk Dog. She then went on and on in chat about how much she loved her new "puppy" and announced in party chat that she had given it a name. This continued through the Arena Beasts and up to Annihilator 6K-A2, at which point she asked if the Akk Dog was permanent and would stay with her after the FP.

I gently explained the akk dog would get itself incinerated within a few seconds once the boss started putting down ground fire, and she was traumatized. She told me to switch to DPS (I was healing) so she could heal and the dog wouldn't charge in and get killed. We gently explained that guardian pets will run in the second she takes random damage from the boss.

So she begged me to keep her Akk Dog healed through the fire. I said I would try. Even though it cost our Operative DPS his life because I was distracted spamming Kolto Injection on an akk dog, alas, I could not keep the dog alive through the fire it was sitting in.

Upon seeing her pet akk dog die, the Sorc /yelled "Noooooooooooo" and expressed grieving emoticons in party chat. As soon as the boss died, she ran up and performed /cry emotes over her akk dog before /kneeling and asking to be left alone.

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05.23.2013 , 10:28 AM | #200
One of my weird runs actually got me into the guild I'm in today, I joined a run in progress (HM 50 Boarding Party pre 2.0), usually a bad sign, the tank was one of those dps who queued as tank because it was faster, I recommended he not do that and that I'd go ahead with it, but if sh** hit the fan I'd leave. Things went smoothly, not because of the dps/tank, even when I told him to just go dps he did a lot of standing around moved slowly and was magneticlly drawn to CC, but the marauder knew what he was doing and we got through without deaths or wipes. From there he invited me to my first TFB run, and now I've a happy guaranteed healer spot in the guild.

As to the dps pulling thing, I really don't care as long as it doesn't get me killed and if the tank's being slow, however if it starts annoying the tank (and they aren't a bad tank) I will stop healing rushing dps on request (if I can help myself). I'm used to some friendly dps/tank competition for tanking in our guild so a dps taking some dmg spikes isn't world ending.

I like threads like this that manage to stay in good fun, we're all baddies sometimes, I've gotten groups killed on my sorc healer just because I'm not as comfortable with her healing style (you mean I can't move and heal?! and oh sh** I just life gripped the tank) I also got one of our main tanks killed while on my operative at HM Hammer Station's first boss, because I had the wrong person targeted and kept flubbing my F2 button.