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Watchman PvE 55: what would you like to get?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Sentinel / Marauder
Watchman PvE 55: what would you like to get?

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02.20.2013 , 04:14 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Leonalis View Post
Now you just have to play more accurately. The buff can run out much faster which increases the requirement to play a Sentinel well.

This could for the whole FOTM player sometimes be a nerf. Especially in PVP
I'd say: let's see what they do with MS before discussing any further whether 1 more stack is buff or nerf until we learn about more MS changes. Definitely, it lacks imagination and in third expansion we'll have to spam it every GCD. Blast, we can even enter timewarp and have to cast second next MS before next one with negative CD on MS!

On the front of preventing loss of Merciless buff I came up with following idea:

New talent point ability, off GCD: burn crits would build its stacks up to 15(?), not more often than once per 6 second. When used it consumes the stacks to maintain Merciless for duration in seconds corresponding to ability stacks. Cooldown 30 seconds or 1 minute, next Merciless Slash resets the ability.

It could serve as emergency during phase switches. It would however be much simpler if we would gain and lose stacks by 1. We would still suffer from loss but not be too OP through duration of fight.