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Are mercs the squishiest class and should they be?

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Are mercs the squishiest class and should they be?

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11.01.2013 , 02:21 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Ottoattack View Post
AP PT, which is considered a durable class, has same exact defensive capabilities of arsenal merc, except 30% aoe damage reduction for AP and arsenal can resist 2 tech/force atks every 45 sec. I would not consider merc remotely squishy, but no question that dps drops while being focused, but that is not defense related.[/Q

Why do you say 2 tech/force attacks every 45 seconds? Pretty sure it's one in six seconds. And it doesn't even eat smash, because smash is an aoe attack.

30% damage reduction and 30% aoe damage reduction is why they are considered so durable. Realize most burst comes when a class is stunned. Also their damage is actually increased while focused because they are in the middle of the fight. If multiple melee hit them their snare of a flamethrower rapes stuff. They also have instants up the butt whole. They output more damage then they take while being focused.

So your entire argument about having the same defensives as a prototype vanguard is pretty wrong.

When a merc is being focused, the amount of healing he can get off is effectively limited to a 1.5-3k heal every six seconds, provided he isn't stunned. The other 4.5 seconds he's relegated to explosive dart ( on cd), (heatseekers) on cd, railshot (requires a heat signature and on a cd), (rocket punch (4 meter range and cd) and missile blast.

Damage output drops, so damage taken is much greater than damage outputted (nil).

Anyway, you took a single "tanky" class and tried to compare it misleadingly. Don't. They have their taunts, and ability to be in tank stance, we have our offheals.

You are right, plenty of melee and perhaps sorcs would be jealous of our cd's. But please don't tell me snipers, warriors, and powertech's don't have better cd's because that's false.

Operatives DPS, Madness sins, and Sorcs are the only people that should and can complain about dcd's relative to an Arsenal merc.
There is no argument that AP PT is stronger than merc defensively. My main is AP PT, and is unquestionably strong in 2.4 and in my point of view better than merc offensively and defensively. AP PT main strength, is the damage output is not impacted much, if at all, by you being focused, unless your healer sucks. Instant damage + extreme mobility = win. Most competitive arenas I played on my AP PT that I get focused the other team loses. Ironically most these game are by smashers.

I won't go in detail listing which classes have better/worse off DCDs, but its a fair statement to say that arsenal merc is in pretty good position defensively. Ya, damage drops when you get focused especially with warriors, due to the gazillion interrupts, but all-in-all arsenal merc is in good spot offensively and defensively. I honestly prefer merc over sniper. The lack of mobility with sniper is a killer for me. At least with merc I can move. I know this is more of player preference.

Funny note from AP PT, when you are CCed and your shield is up smashes do 2-3K damage. Same damage as slash. lol..

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11.11.2013 , 01:54 PM | #22
Without taking defensive cooldowns into account, not really, they're relatively durable, when taking defensive cooldowns into account, most definitely. The problem is far more prevalent in arenas and 1 on 1s though. Personally, on any class I play I always go after mercenaries in warzones. Why? Because I know I'll be able to kill them(instead of having stealth/escape/temporary invulnerability/cc immunity) allow them to get out of my grasp, and its easy to throw a wrench in the rotation with an interrupt. A 2 or 3 man team doing spike damage usually needs to use stuns preemptively to keep a target from using a defensive cd to escape, but you don't have to worry about that with mercs.
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11.15.2013 , 09:19 AM | #23
We aren't squishy... we are just locked down really easily once our opener is finished.
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