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Discussion Thread: Galactic Starfighter

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Discussion Thread: Galactic Starfighter
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Thruine's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 09:55 PM | #71
I've had this pop for me exactly twice since I started playing. I suppose I could just que for it only but from what I've seen, its gonna take some time to learn how to play it. I would suggest creating some type of solo version we can practice in and perhaps some "companion" ships to fill up the que if we don't get a full group in a certain time. I'm just wanting to see if I would even like to play it. Currently, I guess I'll go with the rest of the players and say no. I like everything about it concerning picking ships and customizing them. It seems some nice work but apparently the game play and rewards got a big down vote. And I did spend my first visit spinning wildly in space due to the touchy controls then trying to figure out my movement and how to fire. I seriously barely got to where everyone was before it was over. I'm not the smartest but this made me feel more stupid than normally.

Nmyownworld's Avatar

07.11.2017 , 10:14 PM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by Jamtas View Post
There is a learning curve for GSF that can be off putting.

Maybe even a solo mode training mission for each map could help.
Agreed. Either solo mode training missions for each map, and/or some way to have GF put me with other GSF newbies. Much, much lower mission rewards for those is fine. They'd be for learning GSF, not farming rewards. I'm not going to wilt when getting a blistering series of asterisks (I often have the profanity filter on) from other GSF players because I'm terribad at GSF. However, it isn't fun, and doesn't encourage me to keep at it until I'm better. I'd happily deal with crashing my ship and having no clue about objectives while on a learning curve, if I played with others in the same situation.

lashalla's Avatar

07.12.2017 , 08:11 PM | #73
I enjoy GSF, when it pops. On The Ebon Hawk I find the wait for a pop varies dramatically; I can go 90 minutes and never get a pop, and other days it's almost immediate. Factoring whether conquest that week has better points for GSF activities might be the difference, but sometimes it isn't.

A new map would be nice....just a thought.

Ludvosh's Avatar

07.12.2017 , 10:21 PM | #74
When GSF I played as with many others. But as things got OP on certain aspects I just lost interest. I've said a long time back that they need to make a PvE side or group missions. I remember the good ole days of Tie vs X-Wing. Having something like convoy escort, bombing runs, and even attacking capitol ships was fun.
But just having so few maps, snipers just sitting and nailing you from distance gets real old. A limit on snipers, and a bit more focus on the dog fighting end of PvP might bring a few players back.

Thruine's Avatar

07.12.2017 , 10:46 PM | #75
Got to play three times today due to it being on GC I guess. Those are amazing environments. I saw three different maps. I have the movement down a bit but still no idea what I'm doing. The objectives aren't that clear and apparently everyone was always on the opposite of something. I did have a good time chasing someone into a hanger (I think). I got a few shots in but apparently our ships will just stop movement so instead of a kill I just ended up hitting the wall trying to come around again while they stood by the entry having a laugh. It is all rather fast. Trying to get in range of an enemy meant I passed them each time. Little triangles all around my screen but what they mean is lost to me since no matter how you turn, they just circle it. Its there. Its almost there but this is one time I wish a game would start us out with some hand holding. That little three panel intro help I got months ago is long forgotten and nothing prepared me for this. I want to keep at it though but its probably never going to have the following of PvP which you can jump into without a clue and pickup pretty fast.

VarKoE's Avatar

07.13.2017 , 12:48 PM | #76
I guess this is a friction point.

I would like to see GS be more alt friendly. Ideally I would like all GS points to be legacy wide. If this is too much then I suggest something along one or more of these approaches.
1- Allow points to be moved to a legacy bank at some amount less than 100% conversion
2- All ship mastery to apply legacy wide
3- create a new currency that accrues legacy wide
4- have companion unlocks apply legacy wide

Thanks for the topic.

Merlinspark's Avatar

07.14.2017 , 12:45 PM | #77
I really wish there was a PVE element to GSF. No not those silly rail shooters. I'm talking about a 4 man strike squad doing a PVE mission similar to that of a flashpoint or uprising. These could also help teach skills to those who want to learn. I know there is a tutorial but it does nothing to help teach them against live fire intelligently moving targets. I run an event for my guild every week to try to teach people but it makes it difficult in a PVP format when the opponents we go against are hardcore players. It only turns them away from it. I can't help but think a 4 man PVE mission would bring a huge amount of interest into GSF that wasn't there before.

Thruine's Avatar

07.14.2017 , 01:43 PM | #78
I think the same problem would still exist. There's no easy way to learn GSF. You just have to keep plugging away bit by bit and for many players, having to learn a game without real instruction just won't do. In the space missions, it took me a bit to get the mechanics of just maneuvering down. Then the rest. I then go to GSF and it seems nothing I learned in those missions applied. Each ship is a new lesson which we don't get a chance to learn before boom. The space missions should be our introduction to it but that doesn't seem to be the case. Or I have much more to learn than I thought.

Eshvara's Avatar

07.15.2017 , 12:22 AM | #79
Posted in the wrong thread.
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07.17.2017 , 01:58 AM | #80
I could write a book about how I would switch the ship types into four classes, and just let us customize them however we want based on what's available for that ship-type. I could also go into how the hitboxes need to be different for each size of ship, and how there should be a co-op PVE version...

But the reality is, that I really just wanted to post to Bret Hoffman how freaking thankful I am that GSF got made in the first place. With not too much of a stretch, you can make some amazing ships and have extremely dynamic battles. Yes, it takes the community to not lopside it really bad, or to bully people, but the reality is that GSF is very very good.

It was an extremely bold and brave idea to make some kind of PVP that didn't rely on ingame level, and it pulled that off amazingly. It was skill-based, which a lot of people appreciated. I know with just a few small tweaks, GSF can continue being amazing.

Thanks again so much Bret Hoffman. I really mean it. GSF is something to be extremely proud of. Thanks for hanging in there with us, for us.
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