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Suggestion: Make a new guild perk that increases FPS in operations

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Suggestion: Make a new guild perk that increases FPS in operations

DarthYun's Avatar

11.27.2018 , 05:49 PM | #1
We all know of the secret conspiracy that Bioware wants to limit our powers to play this game properly but since they are boosting the powers of all the bad players in SWTOR with the new guild perks that boost stats, us non pleb players who actually know how to play the game should get something as well.

Since we all know new gear is gonna be rediculously OP we need more reaction time to play this game properly. I mean hell the 1.3s GCD will be increased to 0.9s with new gear cause it's so OP we pro players need something to work with.

At the state the game is running in now, 5 FPS average, it means that missing one frame to press button can mean a 6 seconds delay on DPS every minute. At current parse rates (thank you Germans for uploading your PTS dunmy logs to parsely as LIVE logs du Schweinehunden) it will mean that potentially people will be missing 250k damage cause of frame lag.

Given Bioware's current simulations their DPS targets are not reachable and Gods NiM will be too hard cause they are counting at their flawed 121 FPS rate which is absolutely not reachable. I mean come on we are running a freaking game from 2011 and still can't get more than 5 FPS? Bioware has the EA supercomputers on their side driven by the souls of their customers, by their crushed expectations and by their tears and unimaginable sadness they inflicted cause of failed franchises cause of corporate greed and middle management disillusion and they expect us to just run this game on consumer grade silicon?

This is 100% unacceptable and it should be changed. That is why I'm suggesting you implement an FPS boosting guild perk alongside of this stat boosting perk to keep the game playable. Thank you for your time and good game bye bye.

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11.28.2018 , 06:18 AM | #2
Hey, we weren't the only people who thought uploading pts parses would be smart!
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11.29.2018 , 04:42 AM | #3
My monitor has 60 FPS FIXED. Now what ?
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