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Heroic moment

jtvalenz's Avatar

11.26.2020 , 04:50 PM | #1
I love the game they have done an excellent job my favorite game period I am bothered i pay for boosted characters and I don't get heroic moment for them when I pay for boost and I'm a subscriber even if I was it doesn't seem right that boosted characters don't get a heroic moment

ceryxp's Avatar

11.26.2020 , 05:11 PM | #2
Check your abilities (press P, then look on the tab for your class: Sith Warrior, Jedi Consular, etc.). It might not have been added to your quickslot bar.
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11.26.2020 , 05:21 PM | #3
There are several ways to boost characters, and some of them do skip achievements, story updates, and presumably also skill progressions that are in some way tied to them.
Heroic Moment, though, is something that should be available purely based on level, with the additional Legacy-based special skill tied to each class being unlocked when you have completed Act 3 of that class story.

I could understand the special skill not being available - boosted characters immediately after the boost have not gone through the class story, so they have not completed Act 3 and would not unlock that special skill. That is something I would personally label as "working as intended". As for the basic activation/availability of Heroic Moment, does it become available from the class trainer for the boosted character if you create a level 1 (unboosted) character of the same class as your boosted character and spend a couple of hours leveling up to 15 on that unboosted character?
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11.27.2020 , 02:45 AM | #4
There are two parts to Heroic Moment, and it's not clear which OP is talking about.

Part The First is the special ability you can train at level 15+ that activates the Heroic Moment mode and turns on the bar. Insta60 and Insta70 characters get this automatically, although it's probably hidden by the tutorial mode.

Part The Second is the ability that corresponds to your class that goes on the temporary-ability bar when Heroic Moment mode is active. This is automatically given to all characters for their own class. Start-at-1 characters who complete Chapter 3 of their class story enable their ability on the Heroic Moment bar of all characters on the legacy of *other* classes. That is, if you crank a Sorcerer or Assassin through the class story, all your characters who *aren't* one of those will get Legacy Force Lightning on their Heroic Moment bar in addition to their own class ability.

The second part of Part The Second does not happen for insta60 and insta70 characters because they didn't play through their class story.
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DarkTergon's Avatar

11.27.2020 , 02:45 AM | #5
Not really sure what the issue is, have you used the boosted char to skip the class quests , to complete it. In that case, it doesn't count towards the legacy achievement for completing class stories (or whatever part it is) to get access to the heroic moment.

edit: lol, steve got there first, and put it better than
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