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Worth coming back to?

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11.19.2019 , 09:16 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Brundhila View Post
As the title states. I loved SWTOR for its story driven content but left due to no endgame. is it worth coming back to for the new content? Thanks.
As someone else suggested, it depends when you left. If you enjoy story then all the class stories are worth doing as are the Ilum, Makeb and SoR story lines. You need to be aware, however that despite all of our feedback both on the PTS and in the live game, it remains "Star Wars the Bugged Republic".

Personally, I unsubbed due to 6.0 containing a number of issues that the devs failed to listen to/act on prior to its release even though there was massive feedback on the PTS forums (rng gearing and dozens of stronghold related bugs/fails to name a couple but my unsub feedback list was much longer). Nothing so far has convinced me to resub before my time runs out on 27th.

If you don't care about class stories, class companions or class romances, KotFE and KotET are decent for the amount of content they added for story lovers. For me, as a class story lover, neither KotFE/KotET were brilliant due to the
but we are stuck with them. The "spy conspiracy" storyline that follows is little more than an irritatingly bad planet that you're forced to do if you want either
followed by a series of mini-story-via-flashpoints. Ossus and Onslaught are extremely short for story content, though Onslaught seems to be more of a "part 1" based on how it ended.
I can't say anything about grouped end-game as it doesn't interest me, however solo at level 75 is a gear grinding chore for me as an lightning inq. I'm an "altoholic" but I have zero desire to run my alts through onslaught to see how alternate choices play out.
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11.19.2019 , 10:00 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Suzsi View Post
Not really. Theres Iokath, the traitor arc, Under Seige and Onslaught after KoTET. A reasonable amount of content all together.
For me, Kotfe and Kotet include all of those because they aren’t expansions, just updates. That’s just how I look at it. But I can see how that might be different to others.

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11.19.2019 , 10:55 AM | #23
I would recommend it, the game is far more active now.
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