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Make cartel market armor sets obtainable in-game

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Make cartel market armor sets obtainable in-game

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05.14.2014 , 08:34 AM | #11
I don't think that CM sets should be available outside the CM/Packs, as it defeats the purpose of the CM/packs! But, It'd be nice to just see more cartel sets in game, like NPCs wearing them. Master Ogan Dei at Oricon was a nice touch (he's wearing a recolored Qel-Droma Chestpiece), and I feel like that could be expanded into more of the game.
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05.17.2014 , 06:28 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Nieyko View Post
Actually I have every set I mentioned in my post unlocked in collections. And it is not a question of if I like it or not. This is not about me but, rather, about trying to help the game flourish. It's more about adding replayability to the game. I 100% agree that these armors should be rare. Having them gives players a sense of accomplishment. Maybe instead of the CM armor sets, put one or two rare mounts in the loot tables (again at very low droprates). Something to get the players who have cleared the endgame content to log on and populate the server.

I do not wish to digress too much as this is on the CM suggestions forum and I've already mentioned mounts NOT on the CM at the moment. So maybe a good compromise would be to have recolored skins of these CM armor sets drop (again at very low droprates) from some of the bosses. Which bosses, I would leave that to the Development team to decide.
I never liked the idea of exclusive to Cash Shop items, but that`s how it is.

As for your OP, I "farmed" once for the ONLY weapon I wanted from a FP: Got one and wanted another for my Mercenary. It took 3 more runs to get one more gun drop to finish her looks.

This is what your proposal means - precisely 3 more runs for me.

While, as it is right now, it means money for Bioware, either via sub for free coins or bought coins, or players running dailies / weeklies / playing the GTN for cash to buy it.

I don`t like Bioware too much and that is no secret, but they offer more content in regards to your proposal.
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