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(Unofficial) WARNING - SPOILERS ALLOWED - Talk about Onslaught story thread - SPOILER

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(Unofficial) WARNING - SPOILERS ALLOWED - Talk about Onslaught story thread - SPOILER
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.23.2019 , 05:53 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by AggiePunbot View Post
I've played as a loyal Pub (Smuggler) and a Saboteur Imp (Bounty Hunter) and let me tell you: Malgus does *not* like it when the missions go south. At. All.

Also, I'm pretty sure Vowrawn is onto me; I wasn't even given a choice to join the Empire or not, as he just decreed that I would and my character never had a chance to say nay. When my character is eventually found out she is in for some bad, bad times.
Yeah, on my smuggler i didnt even get the option, cant wait for them to find out tho, i wanna go full Empire on ALL of my Pub characters

Quote: Originally Posted by ZionHalcyon View Post
I kind of see both sides.

Tell you my bounty hunter feels out of place running an alliance. He never signed up for that. He just got swept up into it.

Chance to ditch the gig and go back to bounty hunting? Take that all day long. I guess I'll see if I get that option.
i just want to get back to robbing people or being a professional liar

only reason i decided to keep the alliance on my SW is roleplaying, he started off as a saboteur but then changed his mind when he saw the Empire is different than when he left, he's still not all in tho, hence keeping the Alliance. On most of my characters however i'm happy to get back to my old job. That being said i've only done 3 classes so far, on the others i might change my decision based on the specific role im offered

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10.23.2019 , 05:55 AM | #52
I've played through it on my loyal Knight and loyal Warrior so far and on both I've kept my Alliance. I don't care to become a new Chancellor's puppet all over again, no matter the titles and task forces promised. And my Sith Warrior sure as hell isn't going back to being an Empress' lackey as the Wrath once more, leading the Hand.

Did feel a bit bad for Theron on the Empire side, he didn't take things well. Lana was far more tame vice versa. Also love that Scourge and Kira seem to join all classes because I've long wanted the old Wrath and my own Wrath to team up. Plus their bit of banter was enjoyable, as is Lana's especially toward the Jedi and Padawan.

Been having a really great time so far. Only minor downside is the lack of romantic interaction if you're romancing anyone other than Lana/Theron but that was to be expected. On the other hand, flirting with Malgus and getting an aggrevated 'ugh' is awesome.
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10.23.2019 , 07:37 AM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by RakiaTime View Post
so, i decided to keep my Alliance, what are the differences if i rejoin my old faction?
If you are a jedi you are also given a seat on the council (at least mine was)
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10.23.2019 , 08:16 AM | #54
I've just begun Onslaught with my saboteur Smuggler and I'm already dying from laughter. The tv interview was hysterical, especially that my char is a male Cathar, and he had an evil kitten smile on his face.

I'm also really happy that our Inquisitor can return to the Dark Council. Finally!
I haven't read anything about Darth Zash though. I guess she's not back?
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10.23.2019 , 08:28 AM | #55
Quote: Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
If you are a jedi you are also given a seat on the council (at least mine was)
6 years too late, they tossed me out like a dirty dishrag, now they die with the rest

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10.23.2019 , 08:32 AM | #56
Quote: Originally Posted by ZionHalcyon View Post
Don't overlook just how much work it actually took to "rework stuff".

Most people wouldn't notice, but I picked up on a lot of "under the hood" improvements that went into this. Lighting for instance is extremely improved, and there are other signs that the engine is being worked on.

What all this means I am not sure, other than an incredible amount of work went into what they already did from an engine perspective. The bastardized alpha hero engine they had been working with was a major headache, and there was little effort made to improve it since launch.

Since Keith, I can tell now they have done a TON to that engine. As much as we all want new content, the best way to get it in the long term is to finally get the engine to a spot where they can automate generating content as much as possible, vs having to worry that one change will mess up about 500 different things that they had no idea were even connected.

Despite the current bugs, overall this has been one of the lesser buggy launches too, which also speaks to the engine work they are doing.

This was Keith's big debut. I love the reverence to the vanilla story, I can see the systems we got put in as a starting point (rather than a finished product) that can be fleshed out over the next year to make them more player-friendly, and I like the direction of the game now, having actually played it and gone into it without a preconceived notion (vs some people who even before the expansion launched acted like they were slobbering at the mouth for the chance to rip on it once it went live). The negatives people were afraid of weren't that bad, and the positives ended up being very good. Story was short, but impactful.

I'd give Keith a solid B on his first real expansion.
Pretty good on this evaluation... A lot of good detail. I also noticed changes ( good changes) from PTS to release. I have an idea they're not done !

I kind of like where the story is headed too ! They really have the potential of something really nice now !

I just hope that they get the opportunity to flesh this out .. and create what so many of us have been waiting on.

The only negative I saw was the abrupt ending. My first character I ran was my Smuggler (LS). He held out for the top dollar offer (so to speak). Agreed that they keep their independence but have become a part of the alliance. I went to the meeting with Kira and Scourge ! Agree that we should meet and prepare to go take care of the problem they discussed! Frankly as soon as I clicked on and agreed to I was expecting to receive a mission to go on but it was not there ??? I thought that was kind of odd ! At any rate. I'm hoping with the next patch there is a brief interlude (kind of like hearts and minds) that can clean up some loose ends ! That would be really great !

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10.23.2019 , 08:36 AM | #57
Quote: Originally Posted by Ranadiel_Marius View Post
Thanks, hope it's not too long.
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10.23.2019 , 08:40 AM | #58
Quote: Originally Posted by serenitty View Post
thanks, hope it's not too long.
I missed that post !!


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10.23.2019 , 08:55 AM | #59
I really like the 6.0 story - for a Republic loyalist, anyway. I am looking forward to trying Imperial loyalist and saboteur. (Haven't found the right character for Republic saboteur yet.)

There were lots of nice little personal touches with companion writing that made them feel like real people - especially interactions with Lana, who has previously not been a favorite of mine but really shone in this update.

Tau was already great - now we've got Arn as well, and he's awesome too. I really loved everything involving these characters. They are written in such a human, nuanced, sympathetic way.

We got to bring companions of our own choice with us in 90% of the story. On such occasions, I brought my consular's favorite person, Felix Iresso. He was given no lines or content, but I just liked that I could have him there. Made him feel part of the story (even if, from another perspective, he wasn't), which I had missed for so long.

Also, companions back on our class ships. Yes!

We got a ton of in-character mail during this story, all very appropriate and well-themed. I love that stuff. A great way to add more writing without the budget requirements of cutscenes with voice-acting. Hope to see more of this trend going forwards.

Feels like the beginning of something big, new, and epic - yet, at the same time, there were so many callbacks to elements from SWTOR's story up to this point that made it feel really connected. Some callbacks were to very old content (such as the Esseles, or my consular's force plague healing ability), which I especially enjoyed. But it was also fun to continue recently introduced threads, like finally having that famous tea with Daerunn (even if it was off-camera, lol).

I am glad to be back with the Republic. I hesitated for a while over the option, because during Felix's reunion he was very vehement about wanting to be with the Alliance, not the Republic... but I guess maybe the one advantage of him not getting specific content is that he probably won't say he's hurt by this. If it does come up, hopefully my consular will be able to explain that this is about the ordinary people of the Republic needing help and about trying to uphold the values of the Republic vs. those of the Empire, things I hope are still important to him. After all, it was never explained why he thinks the Republic knew what was happening to him as a prisoner and did nothing about it... 'cos I still don't think that makes any sense, and is probably more like something his captors said to hurt him, rather than the truth. (We had so many Republic contacts in the Alliance, including Jace himself, that we should've been able to find out about Felix's fate much earlier than we did if they really did know.)

Just my initial thoughts for now! Of course I always want more, so I could be happier if this was longer, but on the other hand I'm keen to try it out with other characters - so it has greater repeatability than a lot of content before this. Quite happy.
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10.23.2019 , 09:44 AM | #60
YEA !!

I am happy
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