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Bolster Plans for 5.10 and Beyond

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Bolster Plans for 5.10 and Beyond
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Today , 11:20 AM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by LordTurin View Post
And this is the best example of how I know folks don't really know what they are talking about. In 4.0, PvP and PvE both had ridiculously short gear grinds. PvPers need to stop saying that "they deserve a faster gear grind" and "PvE should be long, and PvP should be short, cause 4.0 was that way". It wasn't. 4.0 had such a short gear grind you could be maxed out on either (or both honestly) it just a few days.

Seriously, make your argument that everything should be short, or everything should be long. But don't use 4.0 as an example of when PvP was short and PvE was long, cause that's not how that went down.
I could care less about the pve grind. I don't like pve and I treat it as a separate format and so should everyone else.

PvP had its own currency, its own gear and its own pace for grinding and that is exactly how it should go back to. 4.x made gearing up relatively fast to help newer players.....which is exactly how it should be. No one wants to pvp for weeks and be dead weight, but vet pvpers still enjoy some form of playing with their stats and theorycrafting. 4.x was the best of both scenarios for pvp.