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Arsenal Merc: Supercharged Gas w/ AoE's?

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Arsenal Merc: Supercharged Gas w/ AoE's?

rhinoceroseosei's Avatar

03.22.2019 , 01:44 PM | #1
So I've been using Supercharged Gas before blowing out all my aoes because I figured the extra 50% armor penetration would be great for it. Just to check, does it help at all to use it on AoE's like it does single target? I haven't been noticing a significant increase in numbers but that may just be due to how armor penetration works.
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Gemring's Avatar

03.29.2019 , 01:32 PM | #2
It works for everything excepts the Plasma Grenade.
But it is only 10% Additional Armor Penetration, not 50%.
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