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DPS Hatred Assassin vs Madness Sorcerer

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DPS Hatred Assassin vs Madness Sorcerer

Dkrewe's Avatar

03.16.2019 , 03:40 PM | #1
Just curious, what is the DPS difference between a Hatred Assassin and Madness Sorcerer?

Does anything make one more desirable over another in PVE content?

Just curious because those are my 2 fav classes and I am thinking about finally getting into group PVE content in this game.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

03.17.2019 , 05:12 AM | #2
Pros for Assassin:
* Stealth.
* Higher DPS, I believe.

Pros for Sorc:
* Ranged.
* Self-heals.
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Equeliber's Avatar

03.17.2019 , 09:40 AM | #3
The difference in single target DPS between them is negligible, around 500 at best. Hatred will have higher AoE damage potential though, mostly because of no-cooldown DoT spread via Lacerate vs Madness' Death field.

Madness has more group utility - a raidbuff, self heals (It's not really utility but you truly need smaller HPS output from your healers with a Madness sorc in your group, who can mostly take care of himself, which is a pretty substantial thing to have), situational friendly pull if needed, offheals via Static Barrier, being ranged allows you to deal better with mechanics and/or keep uptime on the boss.

Hatred pretty much only provides stealth, so that would be a stealth skip or a stealth rez (this one is tricky as you need to wait for your DoTs to expire to do a stealth rez). It can't really offtank anything as it just melts under damage.
It's self heals are laughable compared to Madness, it has very low base defenses and almost no real DCDs. The only way you can truly tank something is if you can taunt it, use Force Shroud + Force Speed against the damage and then give it back to tank, so at best, 10 seconds of keeping it on yourself. Basically, both jugg specs, Deception and even PT are better for offtanking. But not like it's ever needed, anyway. Overall, Hatred's debuffs are average (same for Madness; in my opinion, AoE debuff shouldn't even be in the game), it has no raid buff, it's AoE taunt's utility is useless. Essentially, it provides literally nothing to the group besides DPS and occasional stealth skip/rez.

Still, Hatred is a viable spec but most people would recommend doing PvE group content as Deception. The only fights where Hatred is worth using over Deception are the fights with many adds. Deception is tankier, provides an armor debuff and almost identical DPS but in a form of Burst, which is better.

In this specific comparison, Madness vs Hatred, in my opnion, Madness wins. While providing much better utility and almost identical DPS, it also has a much easier rotation and the advantages of a ranged class.

DzastinBiberi's Avatar

03.19.2019 , 12:37 AM | #4
Proper Hatred play is kinda not simple to master (you can easy run out of force if you dont play it right), unlike Sorc, which is kinda dumb easy to play (atleast for me).

Since you're into group PVE content, you'll always have a healer around, keeping you alive, so those heals if u pick up a sorc are kinda useless. With Hatred you'll output more dps and you'll be able to melt adds way more faster than sorc, there's also a Force Shroud which cleanses everything and gives you immunity to Force/Tech dmg which can be extended to 5 sec. You can also vanish and cleanse at the same time if you pick up utility.

Also, your "leeching strike" if that's what is called, can heal you up for a decent amount, depending on how hard you can hit. I've seen heals for 13-14k sometimes.

fabsus's Avatar

03.19.2019 , 06:04 AM | #5
i would recommend to start with the sorc.
if you are new to operations, half the damage you do is based on knowing the fight.
i have seen so many pvp players, joining raids and are performing well on static fights,
but absolutly failing in fights with some mechanics and forced target switches, even if
they know them from ranked pvp.

with a ranged dps class, you have a way better overview to learn the fights. also the
effects near the boss won't confuse you in any way. target switches on call are more
easy, even as a clicker. and you are far away from area damage, so the healers can
ignore you. especially the sorc has such good selfheals, ignoring the global cooldown,
that in most fights you don't need any healing at all.

so if you are new to operations, i really would recommend the sorc in that case.

i also love playing my assassins in both specs. but sometimes you have to take over
the rule of a co-tank, taunting the boss, that the tank gets rid of stacks. or you need
to taunt specific adds. especially in storymode operations, you just go with one tank
and one melee dps class, with taunt abilities. and that is your role as an assassin.
the hatred tree is also nice for playing that role, because of the self heals and your
defs. the deception tree is the opposite, maybe the worst taunting skill tree for that role.

regarding the co-tank position and why i'm having an opposite opinion about it:

playing hatred means, that you are having great abilities to keep adds by aoe. you also are dealing great single target dps, no matter what. and you have your single taunt to keep an add. you are having the same defence skills like the deception skill tree, but one stun less. but you are healing yourself with your dots. not much, but better than nothing. you also can spread your dots in range and you can put one dot manually on another add in a more distanced range, to increase your dps overall.

playing the co-tank as a deception assassin is harder, because you are dealing more dps behind the enemy. by tanking the add, you are always in front of them. you don't get any additional healing from your spec. and if you want to deal full damage, you have to use force cloak, to reset the cd from recklessness, to get new loads for discharge. so by tanking adds, you will lose dps.

so if i have to tank as an dps assassin, i go for hatred.
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03.19.2019 , 06:45 AM | #6
One thing a lot of people forgot to mention is that Hatred Sins have basically the best sub 30 execute ability in the game.
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