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What I see from the PTS

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09.19.2019 , 09:17 AM | #21
I would love level lock not just for certain toons or levels but since they are bringing back the level of the flashpoints, Operations, and other content that I could then lock my toon for that planet until I am ready to move on. or lock my toon at the tier one pvp level or lock it for level fifty if I had a NIM geared toon for level fifty.

With a level lock my main would be locked at 70. I would just advance one of my other toons. I have some toons that will never go passed Ziost or Revan. I had for a long time did not allow one of my toons past chapter 3. For her the Emperor was dead along with the war. I have gear that is bis for level 55.

I have a level 10 in purple gear just because I could but would love to be able to do stuff with her without the fear of leveling. I could then do this for other toons and crafting levels. A side part of the game but with a level lock it would make it easier.

Not that this is part of the PTS but still would be nice. WoW has level lock for those unwilling to level certain toons. Might be a thing for RP players as well. You can't level your toon to the next level unless the story RP promotes you to the next rank. Would bring another level to a lot of niche players.
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09.19.2019 , 10:59 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Hawkebatt View Post
So I need to add one thing that is bothering me is the cost of mats to make anything in crafting.

A simple stim will cost me a ridiculous amount of mats to make just one stack of four. roughly a hundred different mats for one thing.
Your guess/estimate is really low. I made a post calculating the cost of crafting (here), but basically, one purple drug stack crafted totals 712 mats used. It's even worse than you thought, heh.
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09.19.2019 , 02:09 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Darev View Post
I don't expect that to change. Even on live right now, green gear and blue gear from heroics are at a lower level. There's no reason to expect endgame gear from that type of content.
Actually, yes there is. PLAY HOW YOU WANT

is this a marketing slogan or is it a design philosophy?

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09.19.2019 , 04:03 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
From what I can tell, each operation is most optimally tuned to whatever level it was released at. For example, EV was created when players were level 50. So when an XP is released and adds +5 levels, the devs have been artificially scaling each mob/add/boss up to the current server level.

It's my understanding that the devs want to switch that around, and instead revert the operations back to their OG level, while bolstering players down to level 50, 55, etc.

This makes sense to me. It's a lot easier to tweak bolster and cap players, than to edit each encounter in every single operation. Additionally, some bosses are kind of broken because they are not at their original level.
Whether you have 290k or 16k HP, the reverse-bolster won't address the fact that new abilities make more than half of the operations trivial even at the highest difficulty(minus the last bosses where the multi-phase nature of the encounters will still somewhat challenge people). And that's pre 6.0. With the changes they're bringing to classes, coupled with the reduction in HP(which will not account for the new way most classes function now), my guess is that outside of Gods NiM and the new operation, everything else will be a faceroll.

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09.19.2019 , 11:16 PM | #25
Gear has always been close to your level, even world random drops. With the new system if I am 306 I still maintain that if there is a world drop and it is BOL then it better be within my I rating level. I don't care where it came from. If it is going to be green 270-274 then it should be BOE.

If I go into an operation I do not want to bum rush the whole operation and kill the last boss in a bit over the time to run all the way from the start to the final boss. If it is not balanced at all with us being level synced to the operation there will be no other reason to run it other than getting achievements if we can face roll everything with half an ops group. Sorry I want the operation level synced to my level so it is a workable challenge. Or at least the VET and MM modes. MM flash points are level 70 on PTS if this is intended then I can see that for the Operations too. Have not seen KP on pts.

Speaking of BOE there is none so no one can find cheap gear to sell on the GTN. If the BOL is made for all toons some how then all cheap gear on the GTN or world skins that people like but cant find or don't have the will to grind for will dry up.

This brings my request of bringing the flashpoint and operation original drops backs for cosmetic reasons.

On today I did Hammer Station with my 306 gear didn't get a single 306 to come from the boss. Did get a Simulated gear piece.

Ran the weekly on CZ 198 and got only a 270 green random drop. The renown the quest was telling me I would receive 195k only gave me 88k

Ran the Onderon Weekly and only got 95kish with the weekly quest saying 212k So legacy and boost was not working.

Onderon Map is very low quality compared to what it started with. Mini map is horrible too.
Turned in a bunch of visual bugs that will make some quests hard to complete. Many of the quest points need to be raised or the vegetation thinned a bit to see them. Didn't have any real problem finishing the quests. Though the untamed torch quest is a bit buggy with the champion not being green until you light the pyre.

The two reward chests from Onderon gave no 306 gear. The four renown crates I got only one was 306.
With the reduced amount of gear coming from the Hammer Station bosses this will make gearing take longer. I see them reducing the gear drops to only one per boss and then the gear grind will drop to a crawl.

I like the hell out of BOL gear, but Hate the RNG.
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09.25.2019 , 10:56 PM | #26
Okay now that the Test server came back up I got on and the first thing I did not notice was some of my gear had changed. I had four complete sets at 306 rating and now they are a mix of 302 and 304 with only a few that remained 306. My left side stuff remained at 306. Had this been a live server then I would be very upset.

My 368 set lost all the amplifiers it had it just says (nil) in the text spot.

My 306 non-modifiable lightsabers are all broken as they have no mods inside. I knew something like this would happen. Surprised you bowed to such pressure.

Now all you need to do is add Amplifiers to all the cartel market items cause it bob cant use his unstable lightsaber he will not be a happy camper.

Nice that if I am on a toon that has a certain craft that you get mats from the deconstruction. Very nice.
The down side is that I was on my cybertech and she could only deconstruct one item at a time unlike my armstech or biochem who could do 15 at a time.

I still am highly disturbed that you have throttled crafting with the conquest and flashpoint mats. In two years I think I have gotten about 400 conquest mats with your new system I will be lucky if I can craft one piece in a month.
THIS IS IN NO WAY PLAY MY WAY. Greens have been trash crafting since crafting designed cause yo reverse engineered it to get the blue and then the purple. Having to have mats from only one single source is against the phrase play the content I want. Having to have ten toons reach conquest goals and run multiple flashpoints is counter to the way you are setting things up just to make one item.

Change crafting or change the drop rates for those items.

Direct vendors
Not much to say here but to please separate the non class set bonus gear from the class specific set bonus gear. I looked at each one and saw most of the sets repeated.

Maybe nicer if you had a second vendor just for Tacticals.

Was hoping the skins would come with armoring, mod, and enhancement even if they were random because of their cost.

The tech fragment limit needs to be raised for a bit of wiggle room. Preferably to much higher as they are not Command tokens but the replacement for un-assembled components which were made unlimited.

Takanna Vendor
This is still highly unacceptable that the random armoring, mod, and enhancements are still dropping tanking pieces more than 50% of the time for a DPS. How many people have said this needs to be fixed? It is bad enough it is all random but you put in the spec selection so I expect it to work on everything!

I have seen some improvements, but you have a long way to go to make this a manageable system. If we are stuck with RNG for everything it needs to be way better balanced then it is now.

I would like to see the armoring, mods and enhancements cleansed of all repeated stats. That the stats are balanced no matter which one you get. If one mod has a certain combined number for stat points then they all better have the same combined number.

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09.25.2019 , 11:38 PM | #27
After reading other posts the prices on all the vendors are too high.

The drops in Hammer Station are fewer so fewer tech fragment. About 150 if you deconstruct everything you get. Twenty runs or sixty bosses per gear piece from direct sale? I know I can run five or six HS and hour, but that is severe grinding. Still, need to see how this will work with all the other dailies.

Reputation tokens need to remain as they are. Use on click. Bonus Renown tokens need to be the same way, and in no way should I be rolling on such a token in the first place. You are just changing this to be stingy and everyone is going to roll need on everything anyways so might as well take that option out too.

Also why are you changing things that have been in the game since inception??? If it is not broke don't fix it. I like getting my tokens and clicking on them to collect the points. I like being able to save them if I have too many for next week. I like saving my bonus tokens for toons that have a lower command/renown rank. I have many toons and I love my collect on use tokens.

Please work on the content of this game and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Please get rid of all RNG. you would bring so many people back. Do any content you like earn currency and then buy exactly what you want, need, or desire.
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10.02.2019 , 10:05 PM | #28
So I was not on the PTS for long before it dropped out today.

What I did notice is the prices going down on mods, armoring, and enhancements from 325 to 175 making them okay. Still took thousands of tech to get a good selection of mods to work with. I gained 1.6 billion credits which is about 160k tech fragments 30000 was spent on two gear set and 3 tacticals.

I am very particular on my armoring being 471 mastery, mods having mastery/power value of 727/8 having the highest crit enhancements and just enough alacrity and accuracy to hit caps of the 1.4GCD and 110% respectively with 228 augments.

mods only dropped dps mods ya!
Armoring and enhancements were still half and half with tank specs.

5000 is enough to get all the armoring, mod enhancement, and weapon barrel or hilt in one shot if you didn't get tank stuff in the mix. Not that the stat would be any good, but it would be a start.

When it comes back up I will be running all the heroics or various missions and seeing how I like the death knell set or the berserker set. might not beat out the stimulated set I have still have to test it.
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10.04.2019 , 01:18 AM | #29
So I ran a few missions, heroics, flashpoints, and pvp both arena and battleground.

Overall it was about as expected.
Hammer Station was a tad bit more challenging at level 70 veteran. Need to see if it can still be soloed, but not too slow or too fast. The gear drops are back to 4 per boss and all for DPS no more tank gear nice.

The rewards seem to be lacking compared to the flashpoints. A few pieces and the medpacks and one isotope in the Flashpoints I got nearly seventy isotopes. Then again I think I was the only one needing.

Quests seem to be fine.
Heroics are not dropping the supply crates not sure if it is because I am level 75 or not, but we may still want to max out our specialists.

Other than the cone head *** on the Death Knell set I like what the set bonus does for my DPS.
Still, think new assassin slash is situational at best.

I tested several things on the vendors and I am pleased the tank stuff stopped dropping on my dps, and has stopped from other sources as well.

I tested several sets with the same mods and still need to test the berserker's set.
Death Knell beat out the stimulated with the gather storm 2 piece.
The Awakened Flame beat out Blade of the elements, Rolling boil, and overwhelming offense with both sets.

I am learning what works and does not work with the mod variations. Still, don't like the RNG, but can't seem to beat it off with a stick. We're stuck.

With not being able to deconstruct anything it is hard to see how much Tech frags we get. I did the ten different things for the log and almost made it to 1500 points. Though I say I got 7 tech fragments from one of the bosses in Hammer Station. Was averaging about 160 pvp was way less.

Flashpoints over power pvp just by the shear number of drops and Tech fragments for the same or nearly the same amount of time.

Onderon still has the green gray blue map instead of the holo map it stated with. Very preschool and we all saw the proper map so no need to hide it. Fix it.

Stuff is still very hard to see and at some points I have to zoom all the way in just to see it.
Stuff that has to be found and targeted is not showing up. Could not find the armor where it should have been and the area on the cat walks had missing grannys.

Slicing nodes are still empty.
Mats gathered still not posting in chat.

I saw some of the numbers change and I have a good idea how many isotopes drop from fp bosses and it is not bad. Still needing four weeks of conquest mats for a green is breaking crafting. Should require ZERO!
Green for green blue for blue purple for purple. Such a simple rule.

I am tired cant think of anything else.
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10.04.2019 , 01:26 AM | #30
Best Parse so far.

APM 43.1 02:44
DPS 2508624 15271
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