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Let's talk about Strike Fighters

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Let's talk about Strike Fighters
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05.28.2015 , 04:20 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianDavion View Post
not sure how you'd address em without making em stupid OP or highly irritating though.

No no, Making them Stupid OP or Highly Irritating is EXACTLY what's needed..... bassically 1 of 2 things is going to happen.

1. They buff strikes in a way that EVERYONE in the community is like... ya... that's good they needed that well done. Then a month or 2 later when every one has figured out how to counter them or realize they STILL arent up to snuff of the better ships they get relegated back to "not existing in the meta" and every one realizes the buff truly wasnt enough... or

2. They buff strikes in a way that a few are like YES!!!! while others are like... WHAT!!!! THAT'S SO OP... then a few months later when the dust clears and we see a bunch of new "x class is OP" threads... we actually see more then 1 of them being Strike fighters.... when Super Serious night happens on bastion, you see people switching between all 4 ship types, and the cries of OP are met with No, that's what they needed to be competitive, if they are OP so is these other 6 ships which dominated the Meta for a year before hand. Let's face it we see "gunships are OP", "Scout are OP" and "bombers are OP" still ALL the time, if the strike is going to make it into the meta, it needs something it can do that is "OP"

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05.28.2015 , 04:26 PM | #12
I don't use strike fighters because they have the lock on missiles which are completely useless cos its not possible to keep the curser on a target for the 50 years it takes them to lock on.

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05.28.2015 , 04:29 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthZaul View Post
I don't use strike fighters because they have the lock on missiles which are completely useless cos its not possible to keep the curser on a target for the 50 years it takes them to lock on.
Yep. That's what I mentioned as well in my post, a few posts up.
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05.28.2015 , 04:33 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthZaul View Post
I don't use strike fighters because they have the lock on missiles which are completely useless cos its not possible to keep the curser on a target for the 50 years it takes them to lock on.
Even if you miraculously managed to finish the lock on you got another 100 years to wait for a reload after the person BROKE the first missile launch Seriously, I think its been said and shown, with Disto and just about any missile break, if its not Clusters you can basically dodge Lock on Missiles for eternity, just ignore them they dont exist.

Oh what you like the look of the damage on that concussion missile over those clusters.... here let me replace it with its ACTUAL damage numbers...... 0..... there that's how much damage it does.... its very consistent.

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05.28.2015 , 04:46 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by kojottt View Post
Make progression faction wide, if you have more than one alt on imp or rep side you have to choose which one will be GSF, or level all of them. Share progression and you might get more people.
That's pretty much my feeling, too.
I don't have a clue about balance because the character I may want to play GSF on at any given time has to start from the bottom so I end up not playing.
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05.28.2015 , 04:55 PM | #16
I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. That said, when I play a strike fighter, what I notice is that the secondary abilities are too difficult get off without being shut down, and a lack of speed (maneuverability is fine) that makes them easy targets for gunships/scouts.

My vote would be to increase the speed (not quite to Scout Level, but significantly). It would also significantly reduce the lockout & lock on time of missiles and torpedoes. They do good damage, provided they can actually hit, but it is near impossible to get them off in the first place, and most ships just dodge it anyways. So in order for these ships to be viable the secondaries are going to need some serious buffing.

Also: Just a small request, give Interdiction Missiles to the Pike/Quell. That ship is designed to be a missile boat, and they would probably serve an excellent purpose there. They make more sense there than on a T3 Gunship.

Point of note: I am primarily a scout pilot here, but I also enjoy gunships. Currently, I only fly a strike fighter against teams of new players for the challenge.

Thank you Bioware for noticing our GSF community. We appreciate it.
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05.28.2015 , 04:55 PM | #17
My biggest issue with strikers isn't the class itself, it's how they compare to other classes. Their main issue is lock-on reliance due to their lack of speed, turn-rate, and range. In a world of two lock-breaks, tons of range, and speed. Strikers can only really fill one role, trolling. Essentially spooking gunships, damaging bombers, or keeping scouts occupied for a (very) short while.

Best way to increase the use of the striker class with minimal effort?
Set disto feild to only have a 33% chance to break locks. Watch as the striker makes a comeback, and listen to the cries of gunship and scout pilots everywhere as suddenly they don't have two guaranteed lock breaks. Watch them freak out as they only have a 1/3 chance of not being worried when they hear the lock-on.

And I'm sure I just made a lot of enemies.

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05.28.2015 , 04:56 PM | #18
It's a bit unsettling that so many people that don't even play the game are replying to this post.

As someone that has played the game almost daily since launch and plays on ten different servers, here's my take:

1. What are your pet peeves about Strike Fighters?
Strike Fighters are super fun to play! The problem is that picking one puts your team at a disadvantage because they don't offer anything better/different from what a Scout can do. A Strikefighter is basically a slow, poorly turning, inefficient boosting, low evasion, low DPS version of a Scout. The only bonus given to Strikes is slightly more HP against mines and Railgun Drones. And Strikes also get the superior Heavy Laser Cannons. However, Scouts get Rocket Pods which are somewhat similar to Heavy Laser Cannons (similar range, shield piercing, armor ignore). Rocket pods have a bit lower base accuracy and significantly higher tracking penalty, but when they are straight-shot with Target Telemetry active, the DPS is pretty similar. So when you look at it that way, the Strike really only excels at eating mines and Railgun Drones. If you want to eat mines and Railgun drones, you should be flying a Charged Plating+Deflection Armor Bomber (Domination mode).

The BIGGEST problem with Strike Fighters is that a half decent Quarrel/Mangler player can completely disable them over and over again with Ion Railgun. There's absolutely nothing the Starguard/Rycer or Pike/Quell can do to escape. The Clarion/Imperium is ok here because it can use Power Dive (zero engine requirement) to escape and hide behind a structure to regenerate engines. The second biggest problem is Target Telemetry + Burst Laser Cannon Flashfire/Sting attacks. These attacks absolutely melt Starguard/Rycer or Pike/Quell and there's not much they can do to escape unless they have teammates nearby to help. Again, the Clarion/Imperium isn't too bad here because it can Power Dive away and also use Repair Probes to tank more damage.

2. If you could only pick one section to buff would you choose to improve their Maneuverability, Secondary Weapons, Primary Weapons or Defense? Or something different? What would make them more effective in both game modes?

I think each of the three Strikes would benefit most from different changes:

-Clarion/Imperium - give it a useful secondary such as Concussion missiles.
-Starguard/Rycer - give it a useful short range primary such as Burst Laser Cannons.
-Pike/Quell - give it interdiction missiles.

These changes would probably make the Clarion/Imperium a properly balanced ship because it is already a very strong tank with Repair Probes. Giving it a useful secondary would give it the extra teeth it needs. However, the Starguard/Rycer and Pike/Quell would still need some work.

If you were going to make only one change to the entire chasis to fix it without making it similar to the Scout class, I think maybe giving it super tight turning (i.e. better than Scout turning) would be a welcome change. Either that or give the Quell/Pike and Starguard/Rycer the Power Dive engine choice.

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05.28.2015 , 05:09 PM | #19
I more or less stopped playing mainly because of lack of things to do. You have two game modes for this system, all out red vs blue or all out red vs blue while you capture and hold a point to fill a bar. When you grinding up points to upgrade your ship it gets boring. With that said I haven't played it in a long time so I may have forgotten terms or names of weapons and/or abilities. I may also remember things wrong, so forgive me if I am.

I flew mostly strike fighters, love them. They have great fire power and if lvled right you can have the speed to close in on a gun ship. It takes tactics really, I'll launch a torpedo at them and one of two things will happen, they take the hit and either blow up or get heavily damaged or they hit their engine ability to get out off the way, more often then not ramming into the asteroid they are "hiding" next to, but for those who are on the move i hit my engine ability and close in on them switching to my cluster missiles and pouring fire power into their backsides.

In these cases i feel the Strike fighter is fine, no changes really needed. Its just in how you use the fighter. What I think should be done is what ever is done to the Strike fighter the other classes of fighters need to be looked at and when I say that I mean their roles.

Scouts are fast and maneuverable, and should be lacking is fire power and defenses, but what we are actually seeing, imo, is a faster more maneuverable Strike fighter. Yes they seemingly have weaker shields and hull but their fire power often seems on par, or in some cases have more fire power. Especially, with a fully upgraded Burst Laser Cannon that can nearly kill anything with one or two shots. I think they should be restricted to low powered, but fast firing, blaster weapon only. While the larger fighters have access to the more powerful but on average slower firing, laser cannons.

Bombers as a area denial class is brilliant, I like how they are mostly dependent on their mines, probes and missiles/torpedoes for offense. Harder then anything to kill but still ultimately need to rely on squad mates if they really want to survive long.

Gunships... the snipers of space... I hate their concept. Never have i seen anything like them in a flight sim. Gunships in star wars are suppose to be larger ships, 20 meters to 50 meters in size, with turreted blaster/laser cannons dotting their hulls and were very dangerous to any type of star fighter class. Not some sniper hiding near a rock. But in these things need to remain then the change i would make to them is when they switch between their rail guns, there is a longer activation time. Not a longer charge up to fire, a delay where the weapon just simply can't be used due to the ship shunting power and switching system to use the other weapon. No more ion shot followed immediately with a slug any more. I also feel they can take too much damage, mot as much as a bomber but more then a strike fighter and imo that's too much. I feel they should be between scouts and strikes, not strikes and bombers.

And before anyone says that's not fair, that the other classes won't have that delay, i say make it a mechanic across the board. Now even the strike fighters and scouts can't switch between their torpedoes and cluster missiles with out that delay. You know what that does? kinda ruins my tactic, which i described up top, for dealing with them. But in the end that's what I want, game changes. Something different. Now I mean between the same type of weapons, A strike switching from laser cannons to ion cannons would have the delay, but not the torpedoes that are already up and ready, but if they switch from torpedoes to cluster missiles there's that delay again.

As i wright this I find my self feeling that its not the Strike fighter that needs changing like the Devs seem to want us to think. Like i said i feel they are a well balance class, hell they even said its so well balanced they think its broken. They aren't. Maybe a change here and there may be needed... But IMO not much. I think the devs just want to "fix" the Strike fighters so they don't have to fix all the other classes.

Like I said up top the Roles of a class need to be looked at and from what even the devs have said the Strike fighter meets its role, the others not so much.

I also want to see more game modes, like assaulting the other teams capital/mother ship. Something where all the classes can show off their roles. Scouts harassing and/or zerging the enemy players, Bombers putting their payloads into the side of capital ships, Strikes switching between both those roles. Make it so we have to weave our way through defending ships, Thranta and Terminus classes that are actually dangerous, unlike those stations we constantly have to capture and hold, to get to the mother ship. Make it so that we could even destroy the defending ships to give our selves a advantage for a while till another hypers in to take its place. GIVE US A FLEET BATTLE.

(Note i didn't mention gunships in that last bit, They are rubbish and have no role in real space battle.)
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05.28.2015 , 05:20 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by RickDagles View Post

-Clarion/Imperium - give it a useful secondary such as Concussion missiles.
-Starguard/Rycer - give it a useful short range primary such as Burst Laser Cannons.
-Pike/Quell - give it interdiction missiles.
Concussions ARE NOT.... and have never been... a Useful Secondary.. name 1 ship that uses it in the Meta.. you cant cus it doesnt exist, Conc missiles are bad, giving a bad ship another bad component with out doing anything else will not fix the ship.

Star guards already have good short range weapons... Ion Laser and Cluster missile... guess what, they arent effective on this ship cus boost efficiency is aweful enough that close range weapons are bad on anything that's not a Scout.

Pike That would do a whole lot of jack except make it a crappier Condor, cus Condor has BLC AND powerdive AND Disto break, AND slug railgun.

I think I have seen you post in "buff strike fighters" things before, trust me they are not as close to competitive as you think they are.