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Combing the Wreckage is bugged

VKholarienn's Avatar

11.11.2019 , 06:01 PM | #11
Like almost everyone else I have not been able to complete this quest. Log off, change instance, quick travel, abandon and retry, change character - nothing works. I've submitted as a bug and as a ticket. But I'm curious, could someone who has been able to complete the mission please confirm if the "Black Box Recording" datapad is the actual final log? Or is it closer to the actual marker on the map and it is just not appearing?

I find it annoying how sometimes the map markers are spot on, some are in the "general vicinity" and some are so far off it is borderline misleading. Some consistency would be nice.

I have not seen any screenshots or recordings showing the mission being completed or the Black Box Recording datapad being clickable. As noted by others patch 6.0a does not resolve despite what the patch notes say.

Raemann's Avatar

11.13.2019 , 01:09 AM | #12
Software seems to get a pass on shoddy design, implementation and performance. I wonder what people would think if it were a cola they opened, took a drink of and noted that the carbonation was left out. These companies wonder why fewer and fewer people subscribe each year...

DarthSolis's Avatar

12.14.2019 , 09:44 PM | #13
Mission still bugged, however, I was standing there clicking on it then someone else appeared next to me and they clicked it and the mission finished for them. The datapad disappeared for a few seconds then reappeared and I was still not able to click on it. So, I know the mission works, just not working for a lot of players.

DarthSolis's Avatar

12.14.2019 , 09:49 PM | #14
Wow, literally turned around and went back to the entrance of the crashed ship and saw something to the left, and there it was the datapad. So, if you all are still having problems it is to the left of the entrance to the ship, south of body of the captain with the black box. Once you click that 4th datapad, then you can go back and click the black box and complete the mission.

Bxvx's Avatar

07.13.2020 , 09:40 AM | #15
I just did this was googling it trying to figure out what was up, was gonna come here say its still bugged but I was looking around cause he said it was not at the body. It's like almost middle of the entrance to the ship on the south side. Theres like 2 metal things stacked right in front of it. I clcked that and then I was able to click the pad where the body was.