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LF Emp/RP Guild

JonathanAnubian's Avatar

09.19.2020 , 01:27 PM | #1
I'm new to SWTOR and looking for a Mandalorian based, roleplay heavy, guild to join.
Su cuy'gar anade.
Ni gai She'laar be te Kurshi'cin aliit.

FlashyStrikes's Avatar

09.30.2020 , 11:29 AM | #2
The Sith of Legend (Sith/Imp/BH)
We are a roleplaying guild that incorporates our RP in activities such as completing Conquest, Flashpoints, and Operations. We have an established Discord, Stronghold, Flagship & 15%XP Boost!

Furthermore, if you are new or experience to RP we welcome everyone. It is our goal to make our guild a place where people can enjoy a more in depth aspect of SWTOR. We are rebuilding our guild following a partnership and focusing fully on our individuality above all else!

Our Discord:
In-game contact: Āltaire (Star Forge - Empire)