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Crew Skills Voice Overs?

JorsEnaka's Avatar

08.20.2019 , 03:06 PM | #1
Good Day to you,

I apologize in advance if this issue has already been mentioned in a different thread but I seem to be having issues with the voice-over dialogue that is played when I send my companions out on missions (Any character, any companion, any mission).

Example: I can see the dialogue in the chat tab as subtitles but the audio is cut off a split second after clicking the send button. Instead of "Don't have too much fun without me." I only hear "D...".

I should mention for the record that this bug seems to exist for all of my Characters in general. Both those on Satele Shan and those on Star Forge servers.

Sometimes the audio plays properly, sometimes it does not. Truly hit or miss.

Please be advised that I have also submitted a bug report in-game for this issue.


1LT Jorzo Enaka,
CO, Havok Squad.