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Just wondering where Ashara Zavors is

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Just wondering where Ashara Zavors is

Giggawatt's Avatar

01.29.2017 , 09:26 AM | #1
I am just wondering how I obtain Ashara again. I'm a returning player and I miss having her around.

Plk_Lesiak's Avatar

01.29.2017 , 10:01 AM | #2
Lore-wise - unknown and might never come back, depends on how many story updates we'll get in the future.

You can get her from a terminal in alliance HQ on Odessen, but she's basically a half-functioning companion, having no speech for healer role (a lot of awkward silence if you use her for that) and being officially MIA.

If you have a lot of patience I would wait and see whether they get her back in coming updates (5.3 for example). Considering they are bringing back Quinn and Dorne in the spring update I think they've heard our desperate call for missing love interests to come back. Ashara is one that people ask about a lot (less than Kira and Mako, but still) and could be easier to implement than some others - as a powerful and somewhat rash force user she could get involved in all kinds of messes. She also has little loyalty to any of the major powers in the galactic, so she can be persuaded to join the Alliance no matter the Sith/Rep alignment. The only loyalty she might truly hold is to the LS Inq, especially if romanced.