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Please confirm / rebut my findings; Crushing Darkness / Mind Crush Dummy bug

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Please confirm / rebut my findings; Crushing Darkness / Mind Crush Dummy bug

Flusssaeure's Avatar

01.30.2017 , 11:25 AM | #1
Hello everyone I am not sure if the topic was discussed before, if yes I didn't found it, or if I missunderstand what I see on the Dummy and in the Parse. So before I report a bug I would like a second opinion if I came up with the right conclusion. If I am correct this bug date back at least to 4.X where the Parses looks exactly like I will describe below but should also work like they should do now what I think they are not. Even the 3.X Parses looks that way but after I started playing during the final days of 3.X, so final that even wih 12x Exp I didn't manage to hit max Level, I am not sure how Crushing Darkness / Mind Crush worked in 3.X and if that is relevant for my observation or not.

So everything started Sunday when I should show someone how the Lightning Rotation works, and said: "Look at the Dummy after casting Crushing Darkness you will see a DOT and a Debuff". But the Debuff didn't show up. Curious if it was only not shown or not applied I went for the Parse, especially the "Log view" and "Effects".

If you look into this Parse: Lightning versus Operation Boss you found under Log view the following lines:

18:00:58.993 @SzadÍk @SzadÍk Crushing Darkness Event : AbilityActivate ()
18:01:00.921 @SzadÍk @SzadÍk Spend : Force (36)
18:01:00.921 @SzadÍk Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Crushing Darkness ApplyEffect : Crushed (Crushing Darkness) ()
18:01:00.922 @SzadÍk Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Forked Darkness ApplyEffect : Vulnerable (Force) ()

So Crushing Darkness is casted, Force is consumed, and the DOT (Crushed) and the Debuff (Vulnerable (Force)) is applied. If you look into the Effects Tab under "Applied on Targets" you will see the following line:

Vulnerable (Force) 1 Annihilation Droid XRR-3 324.321 99.23%

Which shows the Effect was applied and how long it was applied on the target.

Now let's compare that with a Dummy Parse: Lightning versus Dummy

19:46:49.729 @Sioncognus @Sioncognus Event : EnterCombat ()
19:46:49.772 @Sioncognus @Sioncognus Spend : Force (36)
19:46:49.772 @Sioncognus @Sioncognus Sprint RemoveEffect : Sprint ()
19:46:49.772 @Sioncognus Operations Training Dummy Crushing Darkness ApplyEffect : Crushed (Crushing Darkness) ()

Thanks to entering the combat by precasting Crushing Darkness the cast of Crushing Darkness is not mentoined but we find the Force consumtion line and the Dot applied line, what we don't see is the Debuff applied line. If you switch to the "Effects" Tab for this the line I quoted for the uptime of the Debuff is also missing.

Based on that I am pretty sure that the Force Vulnerable Debuff is not applied when Dummy Parsing. After the Debuff results in the opponent taking more Damage that should mean that Lightning is Parsing to low right now. After I mentoined that even 4.X Parses looks like that these seems to solve the mystery why I am pulling compareable DPS numbers on a Dummy and on Bosses like Annihilation Droid XRR-3 which I already noticed in 4.X and again in 5.X. While the movement should reduce the DPS the fact that in live Fights the Debuff is applied and not on the Dummy seem to compensate for that. So the good news is for live fights this does not matter but the bad news is if you want to know where you stand or apply for a spot on an Operation Group that wants your Parse as part of the application you will not get a correct number.

After the mirror classes should be identical but in cases of bugs sometimes only one half off the mirror was hit I checked Telekinetics next: Telekinetics versus Operation Boss
Log view:
22:08:08.674 @Vyldyssun @Vyldyssun Mind Crush Event : AbilityActivate ()
22:08:10.331 @Vyldyssun @Vyldyssun Spend : Force (36)
22:08:10.331 @Vyldyssun Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Mind Crush ApplyEffect : Crushed (Force) ()
22:08:10.331 @Vyldyssun Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Mental Momentum ApplyEffect : Vulnerable (Force) ()
Vulnerable (Force) 1 Annihilation Droid XRR-3 227.918 98.97%

Telekinetics versus Dummy
Log view:
06:56:17.778 @Numendar @Numendar Event : EnterCombat ()
06:56:17.811 @Numendar @Numendar Spend : Force (36)
06:56:17.811 @Numendar @Numendar Sprint RemoveEffect : Sprint ()
06:56:17.811 @Numendar Operations Training Dummy Mind Crush ApplyEffect : Crushed (Force) ()

So Telekinetics seem to be effected as well. While I didn't checked every Parse on parsely I checked the top Parses for both Lightning and Telekinetics and from the Top 10 of both I didn't found the Vulnerable (Force) Effects once.

So what do you think, did I overlooked something or did I came to the wrong conclussions? Or is Parsing of Lightning and Telekinetics officaly bugged now?

DarthCognusSion's Avatar

01.30.2017 , 04:20 PM | #2
The reason you aren't seeing the vulnerable debuff being applied on the dummy is because it can't happen twice. The armor reduction module that is standardly used while dummy parsing reduces the armor by 20% and applies every debuff to the target, i.e. vulnerable, susceptible, etc. Lightning will translate reasonably well from the dummy to a boss provided that someone in your group has an armor debuff and an assailable debuff. Including the Sorc's vulnerable, those 3 are the only ones that will boost a Lightning Sorc's dps. Pretty sure that applies to Madness as well.

tldr; The debuff is applied by the armor reduction module, and you aren't losing out on any damage.