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Lightning and Madness Sorcerer/Telekinetics and Balance Sage Set Bonus Discussion

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Lightning and Madness Sorcerer/Telekinetics and Balance Sage Set Bonus Discussion
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02.26.2017 , 05:48 AM | #51
Buff sorcs dps specs in 5.2 pls!!!

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03.07.2017 , 08:50 PM | #52
Lightning is op vs any and all npc but nothing in pvp
have no idea how that link works
just become sub so if you use it, it helps me?

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05.21.2017 , 08:57 AM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by xX-Archangel-Xx View Post
thank you eric for posting it for us, i have the idea, is not the set bonus the problem, are the specs, madness and lifgtning, both are nothing special. In pvp madness is good but light is garbage , in pve is the contary, we need to focus on spec changes imho

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01.06.2018 , 06:28 AM | #54
Wanna know how to make everyone love sorc dps again low or high ELO. Lower CDs for lightning and give more alacrity. For madness, introduce new dot that gives player 30% of damage done. I would say do 7000 health healing the player a total of 2100 over 15 seconds. CD: 1.5 seconds.

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02.10.2019 , 03:04 AM | #55
Hello All
“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side” (Han Solo).

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04.16.2019 , 12:09 PM | #56
Note: this is mostly for Lightning Sorcerer with PVE and PVP in mind, but focused on PVE content.
Currently, sorcerer struggles in comparison to other classes with single target damage and survivability. With the addition of tactical items, new set bonuses, and a new ability at lvl 75, these problems could be easily fixed.
1. Defensive cooldowns (DCDs). Sorc has few dcds. For PVE, phase walk has relatively niche uses, mostly to position yourself better or get to the next area of the fight faster. Force barrier (god bubble) is the only other major dcd, and definately has its uses. It was proposed pre 5.0 that sorcs would be able to move while castings god bubble. This would certainly help, especially for PVP, where you could go invulnerable and reposition yourself. Another dcd that would work well would be a reflect, which many other less squishy classes already have. This should probably be a new separate ability, and could be the lvl 75 ability sorcs recieve. A reflect would significantly boost sorcs’ survivability, and would also act as a defensive counter to electro net, which is a problem for sorcerers in ranked.
2. Single target damage. Currently, sorc is the lower overall parsing class. Madness pulls slightly higher than lightning, but sorc is significantly below its rdps counterparts, merc and sniper, in single target damage over a long period of time. The idea of making chain lightning either super aoe or hit all of its damage single target is interesting. If cl’s current damage is kept the same, TB + single target spec CL would be a >100k burst (with polarity recklessness), essentialy turning it into a taunt. Sorc tank when?
Lightning could theoretically use another core ability to replace some of the lightning bolt filler, but the current class’s priority system is fine, imo. As for set bonuses, here are some suggestions: (make MH/OH have setbonus plz)
- Chain Lightning makes your next Lightning Flash deal X bonus damage in the next X seconds
- Shock critically strikes targets affected by Affliction
- Chain Lightning spreads your affliction to targets it hits
Force Lightning (Lightning spec) reworked. Currently, Force LIGHTNING is basically not on your quickbar.. in LIGHTNING spec. It’s not part of any rotation, but FL could be changed while in lightning spec to be usable. Since Lightning already has 2 different instant cast lighning-like abilities, making FL into an instant cast (which seems like the simplest thing to do) would just make it very monotone. A more creative solution would be to make it some kind of niche abulity. Perhaps having it apply Trauma for its duration, or some other debuff that could be useful in certain scenarios.
Utility: utility for static barrier to only be able to barrier yourself but off GCD.
The Sorc utility that replaces saber strike (currently roots target): change to a stun. Cool idea, but nobody takes this utility, it’s useless. If it was a 4? second hard stun, it might see use. Combine 15% dr on unnatural preservation and 25% on cloud mind into same utility (perhaps 20% or 25% for both).
P.S. please make Legacy Left-Side pieces
P.P.S. Sorc Tank.
P.P.P.S. Please fix this class, it hasn’t been good since 3.0.
Thank you for reading, if you for some reason did.