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SWTOR Roadmap - The Autumn Update!

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SWTOR Roadmap - The Autumn Update!
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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09.22.2017 , 04:06 PM | #101
I do honestly wonder how let down people must be that their personal wishes and wants for this game aren't being implemented if they are this negative about the game and the developers. Personally I am really cheery and positive as to the future as I see Keith is steering the game into a wonderful direction and I am utterly excited to see what will be in store for SWTOR for the rest of the year and beginning of next year!

So, let's all take a healthy shot of positivity and look forward to what will be. Leave all expectations be, let all your wishes and musts be, just take the material as it comes and you'll see you'll have a much more positive outlook on the game. Because the negativity towards this game and its developers you do create yourself, if you allow yourself to be grumpy and angry about it.
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09.22.2017 , 05:28 PM | #102
Its seems that on a Friday Night every server is currently light, my own experience in game would suggest that there aren't many people around, even with the bug its not done much to keep people in game. While the mood on the forums is pretty much the game is dying and is likely to enter maintenance mode soon. This may help explain even with the bug whats the point of tier 4 gear if there are not going to be any more adventures.

While through mis-reading of the forums or mismanagement, rather than do anything to give hope to the players the dev posts are about nerfs, with nothing to look forward, just changes to make those classes worse.

Now I can only imagine that the move back to MMO style content did not have the desired results, I wonder what number of players have bothered with the new op bosses or if the flashpoint has seen more solo play than group play. While we have seen nothing from all the posts that were made in relation to GSF or server mergers. I would even wonder if server mergers would help, the game is set up that unless you are grouped you lock others out of open world content so more people just mean more queuing up and hoping not to have it stolen from you when its your turn.

While the focus seems to be the cantina event, which last time was simply a cosplay event, perhaps fun for people that are there but has nothing to do with the game. And possibly maybe getting the roadmap in two weeks which would be 4 days before the next patch drops. A patch we know nothing about expect it is going to be filled with class nerfs.

There seems to be little possitive to take from this, while 5.4 was not much of a success with the most popular element being the inability to fix a bug.

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09.23.2017 , 03:20 AM | #103
Please have some compelling story on Theron's return. Give good reasons on why he did this because it makes forgiveness a lot easier. My concern is that anyone playing an imperial character that romanced him may lose him, regardless of what our choices were on Iokath and Umbara. Don't let that be the case. i am not in favor of killing Theron, but at the same time some have dark side characters that are played to not forgive a traitor. So hopefully you can put out a good story to appease the majority.
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09.23.2017 , 05:43 AM | #104
upcoming live stream !? When . . . ?


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09.23.2017 , 06:35 AM | #105
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
and as you’ll find out, we have lots of activity happening every couple weeks.
*keeps fingers crossed for new events that are not regurgitated content**

*with the exception of the Chevin Event

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09.23.2017 , 06:49 AM | #106
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
Hey everyone,

I have seen quite a few questions about the status of the Roadmap, both in timing and in content. I know this is more of an announcement of an announcement, but the plan is to deliver the updated version before our October 6th SWTOR Cantina in New York. I also realize I’ve been more quiet this past month, but we’ve been hard at work making sure we avoid the issues we had last month with Game Update 5.4.

As a result, we pushed back the release date of Game Update 5.5 to October 10, 2017, and as you’ll find out, we have lots of activity happening every couple weeks. In the Roadmap, I will provide you with exactly what we’re doing through the end of 2017 plus a glimpse of early 2018. After it's published, we’ll make sure we are available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer any additional insight. For those of you participating at the Cantina, we have a fun surprise for you that we’ll announce in an upcoming Livestream.

Talk with you soon,

Will be there some info about GSF changes as response to the big feedback?

orangenee's Avatar

09.23.2017 , 07:15 AM | #107
Quote: Originally Posted by Darthural View Post
Will be there some info about GSF changes as response to the big feedback?

I decided to step into GSF to try it out (long wait on my server, usually have to sound off in chat) and AFKers galore.

It's a shame it's not what it could be as it's a nice break from the "ground game".
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09.23.2017 , 05:16 PM | #108
Never mind, somebody posted in the Theron topic......teach me about reading.
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09.24.2017 , 02:12 AM | #109
Quote: Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
I was thinking more of a wobbly, rusted, noisy, smoky mount that really looks more like a burned out tricycle that only Theron would enjoy.
Needs to be missing a wheel too, so that one axle grinds to the side causing lots of sparks and it goes around in circles if you don't drive it sideways. 😛

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09.24.2017 , 02:19 AM | #110
Quote: Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
Which leads me to believe that there are significant factors that are somehow beyond Keith's control
Agreed. I think there is maybe another couple of layers of decision making above Keith and those decision makers might have their own agenda that differs from what Keith wants to do. Wether that's 100% or partially true, I do believe he is also being hamstrung and has 1 arm and two legs tied behind his back with red tap to get things approved.