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Certain Planetary Arrival Cinematics not updated to the new "Cinematic" style.

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Certain Planetary Arrival Cinematics not updated to the new "Cinematic" style.

LtGeneralGezlin's Avatar

11.23.2020 , 11:17 PM | #1
I posted this on the bug report section last year, and sent in a number of bug reports, but I figured I'd post this here. Not sure if it's too late to fix it for 6.2, but I figured I might as well try and report it.

In 5.10.3, A number of planetary arrival cutscenes from the 1.0-2.0 era were updated to match the new "Cinematic" style arrivals that were introduced in Patch 2.4 - The Dread War. However, some of the arrival cutscenes were not updated in this patch and still play the old 1.0 style cutscene, or in one case, go straight to the loading screen.

These are the planets that do not have the updated arrival cinematics:
  • Imperial Voss (Plays the 1.0 Style Cutscene)
  • Republic and Imperial Makeb (Plays the 1.0 Style Cutscene)
  • Republic and Imperial CZ-198 (Plays the 1.0 Style Cutscene)
  • Imperial Ziost - Post Rise of the Emperor (This has been broken since the 3.2 patch was released in 2015, and I have reported it many times ingame, and on the Forums, but it hasn't been fixed. Maybe this post and the ingame bug report I am typing up will finally get it fixed!

    Also, Mek-Sha and Onderon still use the 1.0 style cutscenes for some classes. For example, the Cinematic style arrival plays for a Trooper and a Knight, but the 1.0 style plays for a Smuggler.

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11.24.2020 , 09:11 AM | #2
I doubt it'll ever be fixed, all things considered, but it would be extremely nice to get the cinematics updated.
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01.10.2021 , 08:55 AM | #3
and the entire Ilum chapter is like this.
Nothing to be done. You can also cause these to bug out by exiting ship before the warp animation finishes.

It won't get fixed
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