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in your opinion what's the canon alignment for each class?

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in your opinion what's the canon alignment for each class?

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08.23.2013 , 07:04 AM | #11
Jedi Consular = Lawful Good - Obeys a code and does what is right.
Jedi Knight = Neutral Good - Moderates the code with practicality, but tries to do good.
Smuggler = Chaotic Good/Neutral - Does what he feels like, and tries to do good, but is tempted at times.
Trooper = Lawful Neutral - If you obey General Garza's orders then you commit a mixture of good and evil in the name of the republic.

Sith Warrior = Neutral Evil - You obey Baras then the Emperor, so not chaotic, but you have planty of scope for minor insubordination and rebellion, and obviously Evil.
Sith Inquisitor = Chaotic Evil - you do what you like and build a powerbase, your mentor is a stepping stone and you show little or no restraint.
Bounty Hunter = Lawful Neutral - you honour a contract, but avoid unnecessary bloodshed, since this reduces your workload.
Imperial Agent = ???? - an extremely flexible story, this one you can play anyway you like, and it feels right, personally I feel Lawful Neutral works best for roleplay.
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