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Having some difficulty choosing crew skills for a SI: Sorc

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Sage / Sorcerer
Having some difficulty choosing crew skills for a SI: Sorc

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12.18.2011 , 11:03 PM | #11
Your eventual companions and whether you roll alts or not might influence your choices as well. Mailing is not very expensive, and results may win out over convenience (of either complementary skills in one crew or of decreased mission/crafting time from efficiency bonuses).
Andonikos has a +2 critical chance in Underworld Trading and Slicing.
Talos has a +5 critical chance in Treasure Hunting and Archaeology.
Xalek has +2 critical chance in Scavenging.
Critical results in crafting (none here) strike me as more important than a little saved time or a few credits for mailing.
Sith Warrior gains Jaesa with a +5 crit for Synthweaving.
Bounty Hunter gains Gault with a +2 crit for Biochemistry.
My Sorc is set up with Artifice (no one has a crit chance in this, but Khem has 15 proficiency), Archaeology (which Talos will have a crit in), and Diplomacy (no crit, but I want to be able to adjust my LS/DS), otherwise, I would have taken Treasure Hunting (convenience AND crit chances maxxed).

TLDR - for max crit chance, convenience and efficiency:
Artifice, Archaeology, Treasure Hunting.