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<< Bad )) need help havent been back long

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<< Bad )) need help havent been back long

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11.22.2013 , 02:05 PM | #1
Im prolly one of the worst bads out there in pvp guys , im fairly certain of that , problem is i have been playing on/off for a while now but not steady enouph to really learn and I just got back several weeks ago and with the bolstering effect I have lvl 10's kicking me around haha ( )

I like the mara over all the other class's even though it seems like im the weakest and easiest to kill , i started to go back and work up a healer or sniper class as they seemed OP to me , but decided to hell with that i like playing mara for better or worse and this time im going to learn how to play it .

All my gear is modifiable , cartel armor and i keep the item mod's up to lvl , Also im in the rage tree .
the most obvious thing i know im clueless about is *Rotations* ? , for instance , the only thing i ever really read about any skills i had was how much damage they did and sorted the highest dam. to the top bar , ive been going back over them and trying to read each one and figured out the forcejump / smash is a prety big deal .. and thats about were im at atm .

Also the keybinds , i target using keybinds , but not attacks , i dont even know how or were to start on that deal , i just never tried to figure it out and use my mouse click on the tool bar attacks , and from what ive read thats Bad right or harder ?... were is the keybind selctions for attack rotations ?.. i hope i dont have to be geek to figure it out . i dont know any rotations either .. what ever those are ..

i play and enjoy playing this game ( even though im terrable ), not sure why ppl seem to take it so dern serious as if its real life and this chit really matters but they do , just read any thread here lol . ive actually takin general chat ; say , yell , wisper ..ect totally off !!! ignorence is bliss and ive had my fill of trolls wanting to rant on me after matchs ,

OK thanks for any advise , and if none given i'll continue to give US dedicated mara's a bad name ,

I guess its feeding time for the trolls , im all seasoned up for you . *Rings dinner bell *

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11.22.2013 , 02:34 PM | #2
Okay, the first bit of information we need is your level, then we can go from there. But I can give you a basic insight into how marauders play out.

First and foremost, don't use the smash tree (aka rage) until about level 35 so that you can have some skills that will help. I would go carnage until you can take a few points from the annihilation and carnage trees that will help you build fury stacks. At level 35 I would go with this build for a rage marauder: Afterwords, keep building in the rage tree. You could go annihilation instead of carnage, because they can be even more devastating than carnage at low levels. But that's really up to you.

Tips for playing in rage, you ask? I'm glad you did. The main way to do this is to activate berserk as often as possible(which every marauder should be doing anyway), and then use force charge and obliterate like they're going out of style. Once you get force crush, building your shockwave stacks will be a lot easier, and you get a slow. But the main thing is to make sure you have 3 stacks of shockwave and also have used force charge or obliterate within the last 20 seconds. This will increase the damage of your smash by a huge amount.

On a side note, I don't really believe that keybinds are a must for any mode of play. I do just fine on any of my toons (level 55 or not) without them. But that doesn't mean they don't have their uses. If you really want to, make a keybind setup that you can easily remember and memorize, and make sure you have it set up the EXACT same way on every single toon you play. Most every player that uses them uses an entirely different setup, because of the fact that not everyone has the same tastes.

Hope I could be of some help, and good luck playing. Marauders may be squishy at lower levels, but once you get into a tier that has actual healers, you can be pretty unstoppable at times.
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11.22.2013 , 02:55 PM | #3
Not even discussing rotation or the marauder class/spec yet, I think first thing to do is getting used to, and comfortable with, moving your toon with the mouse. This will help you exponentially (not trying to start trouble or say clicking is bad). To me, especially when it comes to melee classes, it's a lot easier to play while moving with the mouse and freeing up your left hand for all your bound abilities.

Instead of writing it all out again I'll just quote a post of mine from another thread.

Quote: Originally Posted by Ridickilis View Post
Well, cause you asked...

Best thing to do, without overloading you with a wall-of-text, is just run around by only holding left and right click down on your mouse for movement. Holding just left click down turns the camera, holding just right click turns your toon. Practice turning the camera 90 degrees then hold both left and right down, you'll move in the direction your camera was facing.

After that go look for a mob you can easily take/last a long time without dying. I imagine you have some attacks bound on your first hotbar, even if it was just by default? While running around and through said mob, just start spamming some of those attack buttons, even if it's just 1111111 over and over again. Tab should have already been bound to nearest enemy by default, unless you changed it. You'll want to get used to tabbing. Later on you can go in and modify next and previous enemies in your preferences under targeting as well.

Once you get used to moving with the mouse, absolving your left hand completely of movement, then you'll want to start mapping out your binds. But yeah, I would simply start with just getting used to holding left and right mouse click down for movement. You don't like it nothing lost as you didn't reorganize your entire bar just to realize you didn't like it and have to change back.
Do all this first. Once you're comfortable with that you won't even need a keybinding guide. Ten bucks say's you'll already start thinking about putting different abilities keyed near each other.

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11.22.2013 , 05:43 PM | #4
That'll help out alot thank you guys .

I will try to keep this focused , forgive me if i go off into left feild somewere's .

On defending , say turrets , nodes , pylon's .. i seem to get stuck alone as if everyone thinks i can handle it solo , maybe if i was playing my old vanguard definetly i could hold them off solo long enouph for the calvory to arrive , but not with a marauder ,
the *stealth snipers * come in CC me i block that then i get cc'd again by how ever many they have and widdled down so far im prolly dead by the time my char stops wiggling ,

im seriously torn between calling incoming or fighting ..either way im dead and the turret , pylon , node is takin before anyone can respond .. ( i was stealthed by 2 once , only alert i had was the sound of their feet , i was cc'd right off so sent the sos first before breaking the cc but by the time i sent the sos i was dead and the pylon was takin and my teammates were angry for delayed sos , wich it was'nt delayed at all lol ..sad )

the *tanks & healers * i cant handle them one on one either while im defending , i can beat on them till the sun fades and their life bar seem's to be moving the wrong way on me , and the healers or sorceror's either one have that lighting attack that drains you and little to no cool down , so they force me away , then lighting attack me while i try to get back to em and im dead before that ever happens , not to mention their cc's lol

best i hope for is another marauder thats a worse bad than me try's to attack me solo

i guess the only answer really is dont defend solo , but its not like i aim to do that , i have my chats shut down but i check the defenders and come running in when they need help , unfortunetly after the fight is over they run off and leave me while im healing or something ... and then im like (F) here we go again lol .
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11.22.2013 , 08:15 PM | #5
d00d, bro, m8, defiantly turn chat back on in WZ's.

As a solo defender, on any class, your first order of business is to call out early and accurately as humanly possible (location and number count) the second you even see a red tag on the horizion. You can always go back and cancel it in chat (a simple "nvm clear") if he turned and went elsewhere. Call the second one of those stealth operatives (not snipers) opens on you. You're usually on the ground at that point, use the 1.5 seconds to call it. Then look at the objective to make sure he didn't bring another stealth crony with him, hoping you;re now all panic-y and not paying attention. If he did, well he probably would have just mezzed you then instead of opening with hidden strike, but we'll pretend they're baddies and the op opted for the dps. Interrupt his cap and call again with the new, updated enemy incoming number.

Try not to stand too close to the objectives, they'll be trying to use their 8 second saps + 8 second cap. If they don't have to move into position after the sap, they're going to pretty much get it no matter what you do. If you break the CC they'll flashbang/whirlwind for another 8 seconds, you're done. If you don't break it you'll still need to line of sight him, get the attack off and have it register the damage in around a GCD worth of time or less.

So yeah to answer your question you always want to call first and call often. Call again if you don't see anyone coming. And by call again I mean just "1w" again. Don't waste valuable time typing out long sentences wondering why no one is coming when you could be using that time to stay alive.

In your Sorcerer example (with the teammates complaint about a late call), if a sorc gets even one attack off on you before you call, you're late. They don't have stealth to sneak up on you nor do they have a 100m attack to shoot at you from halfway across the map. So you will always see them heading your way before they're on top of you. Call.

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11.23.2013 , 01:32 PM | #6
its really strange too , i heard the feet and was cc'd , decided to chat inc. before i broke the cc and the pylon turned red on me just as i was punching enter ... i never saw the light of them trying to cap or anything it just turned red before i could type pylon and enter ? (lag?) but thats how i knew there were 2 of em even though i only seen the one . really strange that time ..

Yeah i turned the op back on despite the fact ive just had a belly full of the complainers wanting to rant on everyone .

Ive been practicing with the movement on the mouse and attacking AI's i can handle blindfolded and i can see the benefit already , all i have to do is get the attacks memorized and into muscle memory i guess , its even kinda hurt my performence a little when i return to the regular way i do it , kinda trying to do both in my mind i guess , not sure how everyone else does the attacks on keybinds , but i can see right off that the number buttons wont work for me , was thinking the 9 keys around AWSD i reckon since my hand is already familair with being in that position , i really think once i get that down , my play will be much better (thankyou)

I already have hit my best damage in a match ever .. its not really much but for me it was a shocker , almost 400k , im jhaving trouble building fury and now ive started relizing i need to work in those attacks i dont use very often , my damage fell a bit trying to get into a system here but sometimes its really high for my usual so i can see once i get it down it's be much better .
" It is never a good time to quit "

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11.23.2013 , 02:44 PM | #7
Nice, glad to hear!

I'll suggest a few of my keybinds but the thing with those is they're personal. What may work for me, may not quite jive with you and vice versa.

I do keep W bound to run forward. Simple reason for going after an objective, node or huttball where you have to click on the object. So I'll use W there so I can see and line up the cursor for a clicky (or a drive-by huttball grab ).

Other than that I do use all the other keys from 1-7, q-u, a-j, z-n. Some rules I apply to every toon. I like my interrupt as mouse 3 (wheel press), I like my cc breaker as Z and my hard 4 second stun as 7. P is always for pass the huttball. G for guard and H for hide where applicable.

I place all my main attacks, rage builders and 'utility' attacks (armor pen's, slows, taunts) between 1-6, q, e-y. U is usually the aoe mezz . The next row I'll use for resource management and the start of my defenses. For example I like ASD for berserk, fury and prediction respectively. So I can S+D or S+A. The last row is for the rest of my defenses, WZ medpack and adrenal.

I try and keep similar things between different classes bound to the same keys. This helps if you have alts. So things like stuns, medpacs, adrenals, cc breaker and interrupts you'll already have the key memorized from the last toon you were on.

Tab nearest enemey, shift tab next, ctrl tab previous.

` (the key right above tab) nearest ally, shift ` next, ctrl ` previous

For convenience I rebound strafe's and backpedal to shift q,e and s just in case. Seeing how I took away C for character, N for crew skills P for abilities, I now use the left, right, up, down arrow keys for those things.