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Twin Suns Syndicate

sculptorofflesh's Avatar

07.19.2019 , 04:17 AM | #1
Hello there

As the title says I'm looking for start an underworld criminal organization based on Tattooine.
Things are simple. We gonna be a bunch of criminals, rogue force user or a simple twi'lek dancer. It doesn't matter.
Obviously, the main focus will be RP and then PvE, Conquest, PvP and other features that the game has and we gonna RP it.
-We will be neutral
-We gonna do deals with everyone that we think we can profit from
-We will not care about your race, class.
-Our syndicate will activate on Mos ila cantina.
-Public events with credits rewards.

Mail me in-game if you're interested to join and start something like this or message here or discord at mandalore#6442 . ( Blazze'saz'utree )

revanhawk's Avatar

08.02.2019 , 12:47 AM | #2
I'd definitely be interested in doing this sort of thing. What faction would you prefer to be on? I have two alts on Star Forge and both are smugglers.