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(Sniper) Does it get better?

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(Sniper) Does it get better?

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11.14.2012 , 03:19 PM | #41
One question. Someone posted this.

"3. Avoid 1v1 situations if you can. Especially against melee. While it's not a bad class 1v1, it's not a great one either unless you have a terrain advantage (like a ledge or something). A marauder, a jugg or a tankasin can tear you a new ***hole pretty quickly if you let them get close. I tend to run away quickly into large friendly groups if I see a melee single me out. (Remember that while you're unjumpable, Sins can use Force Speed and Maras Predation to quicky close in on you.) "

If we have the range advantage, isn't this our best thing?

EDIT: Otherwise really good tips

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11.14.2012 , 03:20 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by ZipZep View Post
Would also suggest speccing Engineering. Its such a powerfull build for 1 vs 1, and the extra stun from plasma probe is really good and a great utility tool aswell objective wise. The extra shield probe, when you get your gear, will absorb dmg for almost 3k dmg, thats 6k when you pop both.

Ofc, as long as you are in recruit things are different. When you get your gear, engineer sniper becomes one of the most annoying classes to deal with.
Played a rated game yesterday vs one of the normally really strong guilds on ToFN, took 450k dmg in 3/4 of a voidstar, more than any other on my team, simply because other team knows they cant cap whilst im alive. Not a fun game for me, i died constantly, but i provided a tool that gave my team the edge.

Burst wise we are a little limited since we relly heavily on explosive probe which has a 30 sec CD.
Engineer sniper is by far my favorite toon, and can only suggest you give a real try before you dismiss it
Hokay guys, You've finally made me crack, Link to a decent engineering build/ how to use it effectively?

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11.14.2012 , 04:16 PM | #43
I'm currently using this:

About how to use it, not sure of a good way to explain that without having to make a monster post (and even then its hard cause its pvp players do different things)
Only thing in my rotation that almost never changes anyway would be:

Interogation Probe ---> Plasma Probe (2 sec stun) ---> Explosive Probe ----> Series of shots

As another guy rightly pointed out earlier, the biggest weaknes for us snipers is the terrain around us. Good players will exploit this like crazy. So place yourself a good distance from things people can LoS you with.

If interested here is a video of me playing my sniper. Just normal warzones so it's not really what a sniper should be doing in rated - Make some silly mistakes aswell, like trying to cover pulse a knight over cliff with 5 sec left on cooldown ^^.
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11.14.2012 , 05:17 PM | #44
Quote: Originally Posted by Sideblaze View Post
I know recruit gear sucks, But once i get Battlemaster will i finally be able to dish out the hurt? Or will i still get stomped, Just -less- stomped? I can handle getting focused, but when i have the range advantage, I'd like to think the sniper could handle 1v1 very easily.
I rolled my Sniper for a week in Full Recruit just for sh*tz and giggles after he hit 50. The rifle we get with the Recruit set is actually pretty decent. He was posting strong DPS numbers from the get go even in Full Recruit so DPS shouldn't be a problem. I even have a SS of a 400K game in Full Recruit that I snapped if you would like me to dig it up (and no, it wasn't a Voidstar).

Sniper survivability has always been at the bottom end of the totem pole. My Sniper has his WH Rifle and 6 pieces of BM now and still gets squashed if his defensive cooldowns aren't available. Unfortunately, he's meat for a good Tankasin or Ops/Scrapper no matter what, but those classes are hard counters by design.

Being undergeared, what I've tried to do with him is just use Range as an ally. Find a nook and cranny to assault from. Don't advertise (i.e. Balistic Shield) my Sniper's existence unless absolutely necessary. Try to keep a low profile. Snipers are more effective the less harrassment they receive so my toon tries to get along without drawing attention to himself.

Quote: Originally Posted by Technohic View Post
Engineering. Don't worry about killing people. Just use your Plasma probe and whatever else you can to prevent caps. Also get a little more defense.
My Sniper recently just hit 50. He's specced Engineering. I just love the dude and class. Can lockdown/defend a node/bunker and buy time like no other toon I have. While MM may have better DPS overall, my Sniper still melts dudes with little effort. One day I will give MM some run, but Engineering is just way too fun right now.
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