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all goods and items need a credit cap

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all goods and items need a credit cap

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05.17.2018 , 03:41 AM | #11
BW won't do anything about those high prices.


Because they benefit from it.

A lot of these high price items (unless you only mean crafted items) have been bought for real money.

I recently bought this Origin package where I got some free CC. Then I had saved some CC as well and when I had enough CC, I bought a hypercrate of that new super pack.

In it, I got a couple of nice items, for example one hoverchair. I already had this one, but was still in need of one other hoverchair.

I sold my hoverchair for 40M and bought the other hoverchair for 40M.

That's basically how the GTN works for cartel items: buy something for real life money and sell it for as many virtual credits as possible.

As for crafts: I haven't bought any crafted stuff on the GTN for years, thus I don't know the current prices.
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05.17.2018 , 03:04 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by GodShadowEX View Post
yes i am bringing this to bioware and ea's attention. there needs to be a credit cap for being able to buy and sell goods on the GE market. the people and community and making it unfair and immpossible for people like myself and friends who have been long standing fans of swtor and bioware products. honestly people make the prices on the GE market so outragious that it isnt even fair please fix this issue or me and my close group of friends are leaving this game the community is greedy and toxic when it concerns trying to improve your toons ingame. i demand a response from someone on the develpement team
I take it you're light in the pockets and now grousing on the forum over something you can't buy because it's 120 million credits.

Problem: Any credit cap implemented will probably be still too high for you to buy what you want and the price you can afford, and you'll just be on the forums again later telling the devs to lower it again.

No thanks. Let the market do what it will, and if that means I can't afford something, I can't afford something. Kind of like life.
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