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How to Make Arenas Work

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How to Make Arenas Work

limenutpen's Avatar

03.02.2019 , 02:58 AM | #1
So yesterday I que Ranked Arenas with my Sniper, and I must admit it was a big fail from my part. Dead in 5 secs and 400k dd received on many tries. My healers are jealous of him now.
Anyways being a hard headed nut-head I kept on queing till I did a total of twelve games (10 losses two wins). I am sure the longer in the night other players in my team wanted to kill mel before the opponent.

After I ended this havoc I was thinking how to make Ranked work better and to entice new comers to play it more.
Here is a few ideas, mostly relevant to solo que:

1. Make it a death match with points.
I think this is one of the reasons why skill level will always be wide as an ocean in ranked. You die in 10 secs and you do not play anything in Arenas. Reaction your skill level cannot improve much since you are being dead for most of the game. I think a re-spawn system as in standard WZ can help not little in bringing interested for new Rated Arenas players.

2. Change Ranking System
I am at a point where I do not really care where my ranking is. But I would do that the table shows the top 25% rated players only. Like the people who bother will not feel insulted if they fail.

Thoughts anything to add...
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DavidAtkinson's Avatar

03.02.2019 , 03:46 AM | #2
You cannot make them "work".

You que, you are first focus, you die as slowly as possible. There isn't anything you can do about it. By dying slowly you give time to your team to maybe kill someone from enemy team. If they cannot do that.. well.. better luck next time.

What usually happens is that 3 of your team mates rush in and leave you alone vs 2 or 3 enemies who focus you first.. Then if you die fast, ***n nob stop que".

If you que arenas make sure you know how to use your defenses and play your class. U will get better with time from there.

And remember how ranked people think of you if you lose : You're***ng trash, if you win: You got carried.

Good luck on getting better. Ranked always needs new bloods.

foxmob's Avatar

03.02.2019 , 03:59 AM | #3
the way you "make it work" -- the only way it works -- is
  1. everyone queues and the matchmaking sorts higher skill players into matches with those of similar skill and vice versa all the way down, or...
  2. nobody queues, and rated arenas become a desert in which nobody or only the same handful of ppl queue each night with the occasional sacrificial lamb who really doesn't deserve to be on the same map as the others