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My problems with the Jedi Consular (extensive spoilers)

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My problems with the Jedi Consular (extensive spoilers)

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07.03.2018 , 05:36 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by GrimAce View Post
Qyzen is, quite frankly, an underappreciated jewel amongst ALL the companions in TOR.
Qysen is insofar a gem that he shows me so much more about´Trandoshan culture than Bossk and those Trandoshans in the Clone Wars series and in Republic Commando could ever do.

Qysen finally made me understand everything about them.

I mean, you see Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back and are like "*** ?", and then Qysen explains his whole background ...

Bossk might even be a degenerated member of this "hunting culture", because he doesn't appear to have some kind of "spiritual agenda" to it.

Now, Qysen might even be more non-understandable in our contemporaty materialisti oriwnted time, in which "spirituality" is considered just BS and money is considered as the biggest true thing of everything.

Edit : I found Qysen and Zenith to be a real challenge for my Light-Side Jedi. I mean, it's as if you are embracing the light side, but are farced to have dark side people as friends.
And they don't even show up as dark side, they are rather "grey side".
Both have their valid reasons why they do what they do.
To me, having to deal with both was a very good learning lesson.
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07.03.2018 , 06:13 AM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Laphoon View Post
This was great !
Yes, 6 years ago
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