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Mara/Sent = foam light saber

Enticy's Avatar

01.17.2021 , 12:59 PM | #21
Fury Mara is one of the stronger burst classes out there. Annihilation Mara is one of the highest parsing classes in the game, and has enough damage and utility to be welcome in literally any Op. Carnage Mara is...good enough in PvE, but it is made massively irrelevant by the other two specs. The problem is that people are so used to the kind of insane, overclocked burst that comes from classes like AP Powertech and Concealment Operative, that the lower but more consistent style of Mara/Sentinel looks awful in comparison. As many people have said, itís a L2P issue, through and through. Iíve cleared the entire game on a Fury Mara, and at no point have I ever felt that I wasnít strong enough.

As for Camouflage, anyone who thinks it isnít useful to be able to stealth past a bunch of adds, or to stealth out in PvP has an opinion like a broken doesnít add up or count. My referral link.

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01.18.2021 , 09:44 AM | #22
Compared to other classes (I play them all) Mara/Sent is hands down the hardest to play and master. You need to be constantly paying attention to each cooldown. Missing timings or getting timings out of order can get you killed especially in PVP. That's why you see so many Jug/Guard players since they are face roll easy to play and have so much more utility in pub matches especially huttball. Sent/Mara is just mainly a hit and run spec in pubs. Really only viable with a good team of support players behind or in a 1v1 situation.