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Best Class Story?

QueenVictoriaII's Avatar

08.31.2017 , 03:01 PM | #21
i have 4 smugglers because i love the class story so much - especially the first and third chapters. there's something nice about playing a character who isn't a jedi or sith, who isn't working for the military, who really has no ties except to their crew.

and the crew's great! well, corso can be a bit annoying (especially if you're playing a female smuggler), and i'm definitely biased towards risha (i rolled a male smuggler just to romance her.)

my only problem with it is a bet spoiler-y towards the end of act one:


i'm also loving imperial agent so far.
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08.31.2017 , 03:16 PM | #22
Ultimately I would suggest trying them all out, because then you get this huge galaxy-scale picture, a lot of npcs have connections to each other, and damn, it's interesting. Also, to each their own, honestly. I'd say all were written well, because they are so different and provide you with unique experiences.

My list would be: Sith Warrior - for those who like 'em some Vader-type feel > Bounty Hunter - non force user being cool cause tech and who needs the Force. Nothing personal, baby, it's just business >Sith Inquisitor - your neighbourhood Sidious theme > Trooper - get to actually know what the Republic is like, not Jedi, but what the faction is all about > Jedi Consular - politics outweight average heroism; you make impact on another level > Smuggler - it's just fun, so many references and opportunities at humour! >Jedi Knight - your typical epic hero thing, it's good, it's epic, it's solid classic > Agent - Bond, nuff said.

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09.09.2017 , 12:22 AM | #23
Imperial Agent definitely
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09.12.2017 , 03:28 PM | #24
Ah Agent, the one class that doesn't *********** work on this computer. I swear that holoterminal is running Windows Vista.

Out of the ones I've actually completed thus far, it's been SW.
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09.12.2017 , 04:24 PM | #25
The best class story is a toss up for me. Jedi Knight, and Sith Warrior.
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04.29.2018 , 01:42 PM | #26
In my opinion I pick Jedi Knight because He or she kill the emperor 3 times. Second best class in my opinion is the sith Inquisitor because of all the cool powers like lightning. Worst in my opinion (no one criticize me it is my opinion) is the Jedi consular because it is boring.

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02.13.2020 , 04:03 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by JLazarillo View Post
On the whole, I tend to rate the stories:

Inquisitor > Warrior > Consular > Agent > Smuggler > Hunter > Knight > Trooper

The first three are what I'd really call top tier. It's hard to pick which of the Sith stories I like better when they're both at their best. I tend towards Inquisitor simply because I love how it's the most self-motivated (it's the only story where you don't really have someone holocalling you between each planet and telling you where to go); I also dig the rise to power story, and it feels the most "open"...Warrior, if you make too many Light Sided choices, dialogue from other characters and such starts to kind of "railroad" your character motivations, so even though the story itself is really solid, I feel like it's a bit weaker unless it's played the "right" way (of course, I still like my Warrior as a slightly cerebral sort, so he's not above making Light choices when the situation calls for it). Consular is really underrated to me, but has some similar flaws to the Warrior, where if you don't play mostly Light, particularly in the early parts of the story, a lot of the internal logic falls apart. Such a shame since the prologue was all about learning the true history of Dark Jedi. Still, if done "right" here, it's easily my favorite story Republic-side.

Bringing in the second tier, Agent is quite solid, with a lot of twists and an interesting supporting cast and world view. It does really drag at times, though, and the characters you actually get as companions tend to be bland, annoying, or underused in the plot as a whole. It also doesn't get to be its best unless you save it for last, and get to see how it ties a lot of the other stories together. Smuggler and Hunter are both high quality as well, even if they don't stand out as well. Smuggler's funny and exciting, though certain late-story elements make the whole thing a little bit of a letdown. Hunter's freaking ******, and probably the best they could do to make a character feel "freelance" while also providing an ongoing story, though some of the excuses for why you're doing what you're doing are a little flimsy.

Knight and Trooper I find the worst. Knight is definitely the better of the two. It's got a few great moments, although some of those are also morality-based, but I find the story somewhat bland (some people find it "classic Star Wars", I feel less like it's "classic" and more like it's "played-out"), and it has a severe problem with telling rather than showing. You're the chosen one because you are and Orgus is your master even though he never teaches you and Kira's your Padawan even though you never teach her. The thing that happens at the end of Chapter 2 which I won't spoil is supposedly terrible and the guilt eats away at you and stuff but it all happens off camera. Trooper, finally, just has some real problems with cohesiveness and drama. The story sets itself up in a great way, but never follows through, it shifts around somewhat aimlessly, and the writing is entirely too enamored with "this-or-that" choices even when they don't make's kind of...desensitizing, especially by the time you get to some of what should be the really hard choices near the end, it's just, like, oh, another one.

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02.14.2020 , 08:10 AM | #28
As many players as many answers I like Sith Warrior story (because I can start the game as the most hated guy in the galaxy and end up as a galaxy hero who even Jedi had to give "good work") and don't like Jedi Knight story because is the most boring, typical story of a typical good Jedi, If you play as a dark side Jedi, the story doesn't make sense and our hero seems to be an idiot, if you do the same as a sith (play as light side sith), story may seem naive at first, but if you start being good in the middle of a story you can create something really interesting. Playing all the time as a bad sith later also makes everyone around appear to be idiots, blindly following some puffed up guy

manlovefood's Avatar

02.27.2020 , 08:30 PM | #29
I would try them all out bc Its really all Based on you really, some Story Choices are Dif for People, If you know you like SIth then Pick What you think Matches with you Same Goes for Jedi.

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02.28.2020 , 06:23 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by manlovefood View Post
I would try them all out bc Its really all Based on you really, some Story Choices are Dif for People, If you know you like SIth then Pick What you think Matches with you Same Goes for Jedi.
I believe that OP's question was more directed to choosing which one to play next. And of course you should pick what you think matches with you. Er, with your character. If you picture *this* character as a goggly-eyed loon of the "beyond merely Chaotic Evil" type, then you choose things that match that, even if *you*, the player, would not do such things.
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