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Large guild (Satele Shan) in search of experienced GSF players

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Large guild (Satele Shan) in search of experienced GSF players

ShallowHal's Avatar

01.26.2019 , 09:24 PM | #1
Note that experienced did not necessarily mention ace, although that would be welcomed as well. Just people that like to play GSF a lot.

I am one of the recruiters in a very large family friendly pub/imp guild called The Eternal Order. Membership generally hovers near the 1,000 mark and the roster is purged every so often of people that haven't logged in in a long time, so it's fairly active. Generally you can find a group to do pretty much any group activity you are interested in.

The exception to that, of course, is GSF.

On our PVP cadre meeting nights (Wednesday), we split into groups that want to do ground PVP and GSF. Usually it's just a few people doing GSF, including an officer who is participating not because they love GSF necessarily but just to make sure there's an officer in the group.

i'd like to parlay this large group of active SWTOR players and see if we can't build some new interest in the game.

ideally, if we could find a couple of people with the skill and the interest, I'd like to schedule training sessions so that newer players could work with some of the experienced pros and build their skills faster.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, respond in the thread or PM/mail me in-game at Arynye (Sith) or Kateastrophe (Republic).

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