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Jedi Under Siege choices and further consequences

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Jedi Under Siege choices and further consequences

Neocarrus's Avatar

11.28.2019 , 09:38 PM | #1
Today i just ended "Jedi Under Siege" story and choosed
Empire as my ally ( im playing sith inquisitor ). Unfortunetly further choices in game ( onslaught ) didnt agree with my character philosophy.
I was playing light sided sith and i thought i could keep it up there but whole "comming back of Darth Malgus" really disappoint me. The whole fact that they are treating me as a pushover ( do this, do that and lets KILL THEM ALL ). Im kinda not feeling as a commander anymore and light sides choices also annoys me. There is possibility to switch the sides or do saboutage ending? Or maybe now i can only continue the story as a empire loyalist with few "light choices"?

P.S Sorry if i wrote some grammar mistakes. English isnt my native language

MacCleoud's Avatar

11.29.2019 , 04:41 PM | #2
I think once you make the decision to ally with the Empire, you are stuck in that role. Get to the end and see what the choices are there. I havenít played that side yetexcept on my psychopath sorc that kills just to show his power in the force.