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<The Ebon Hawk> Faction Balance Effort

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<The Ebon Hawk> Faction Balance Effort

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10.23.2014 , 02:46 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by MiaowZedong View Post
Another two-shipper getting 15+ kills in a Blackbolt? I'm pretty sure I know who it is (and it's not someone who's as ludicrously good as Runet).

In fact, I think I know of the game you refer to. Lost Shipyards TDM last week, pubs won?

This match was probably about 4-5 weeks ago. Maybe longer. I know I saw that guy in a few matches that day and they were gone. Haven't seen it since. Again, my memory is terrible when it comes to names but if they showed up again it would jog my memory when I see it. I wish I could recall the name. The way he/she flew was pretty good. One thing I do know they were in a scout as a matter of fact.
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