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Meno's 3 Hr Stream Event Giveaways

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Meno's 3 Hr Stream Event Giveaways

Zoupp's Avatar

06.03.2017 , 10:40 AM | #1
What: 3 Hour Stream Event
When: Saturday 3rd of June 09:00-12:00 Pst

Greetings Fellow SWTOR Fans!,

Tonight, the 3rd of June, we will be hosting an Event
made just for you. I will be streaming from 09:00 pm/pst right through to 12:00am/pst.
I will be running various HM raids and PvP alike in order to support the
stream and keep all of you attracted to the stream.

All donations will be going back into the stream and will
be greatly appreciated.

I, myself will be giving out prizes based of the stream's
performance that I'm sure all of you will love. You will
be earning points based off the total interaction and views
of the stream.

I hope all of you will love the event and help keep the
stream moving forward in the hopes of producing better
quality content for the future.

All donations received will be put directly back into
the stream to keep all of you as interested as possible.

It's my goal to stream as much content as I can, with a
positive community supporting what I love to do.


How do you come to support?

Simply being in the stream, following, & chatting with
one another will keep us going.

All donations offered will push me to wear my Superman
Onsie for you guys.

It's my goal to create a home for all of you on Twitch,
someplace you can go when you are bored, in need of
learning content or even if you just want to chat.

You are more than welcome to message me on Twitch or
Twitter with any questions you may have.

MenoTwitch - Twitch
@MenoSwtor - Twitter

I will be giving you guys a bit more details during the
live stream so please be attentive and most of all, enjoy

It's time to have a blast doing exactly what you guys
love to do.

I hope to see you all there. I guarantee it will be a
positive and entertaining atmosphere for everyone.

Always remember, THIS IS YOUR STREAM.
Menotwitch - Twitch

RussellRichter's Avatar

06.03.2017 , 05:08 PM | #2
Aren't you the guy always spamming your twitch channel in gen chat? lol
Hang Loose

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