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Rate the name above you!

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Rate the name above you!

Calsetes's Avatar

08.16.2014 , 10:08 AM | #511
If you don't quiet down, I'll turn more of my companions into Droids! I mean it! I even got a robo-dinosaur now, and you KNOW how much I hate robo-dinosaurs because they scare me!
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SamWizaj's Avatar

08.31.2014 , 03:45 AM | #512
marauder (m): Snor
Sorcerer (m): Kestos
Operative (f): Valküry

LaniAkavir's Avatar

08.31.2014 , 03:55 AM | #513
Quote: Originally Posted by SamWizaj View Post
marauder (m): Snor
Sorcerer (m): Kestos
Operative (f): Valküry
7/10 (reminds me of Zzz)

Scoundrel: Mediç
Sage: Jedi Lorekeeper
Guardian: Master Tactician

The most generic NPC names as PCs.
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skyrome's Avatar

08.31.2014 , 05:05 AM | #514
Mediç : 7/10 i like the ç at the end
Lorekeeper 5/10 a little too long and not super original imo but Still classy.
Tactician : 5/10 i dunno what To Say

My sith is : Darth Luzkan
Imo it sounds better in french version : Dark Luzkan
My Future jedi: Keldorân

I'm not fond of my legacy name so