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Why is there no kill option for Lana?

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Why is there no kill option for Lana?

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10.06.2018 , 04:09 PM | #21
I agree with what most others have said that unless a companion is universally hated and it makes sense that everyone would make the same choice to kill that companion, there should be no kill option available because it otherwise forces a choice made by some players on other players who may not want to make the same choice.

As for Lana, I really don't understand why anyone would want to kill her off, and I find the justification provided by the OP to be some thinly veiled personal bias that is completely misplaced. Of all the Alliance related companions, the Sith turns out to be the most dedicated and loyal, despite her flaws. It's the Republic and Zakuul guys who end up betraying you. While they do so for two very different reasons, if we're being realistic about that, each of those cases warranted a different response. Some players chose to exile or kill them, others chose to forgive them. While we may not agree with each other about those choices, it's our choice to make. That said, if the OP has some burning hatred for Lana, justified or not, it's HIS choice to make, not mine, as long as it doesn't affect my game/story.

The point is, we're all emotional beings with varying degrees of emotional attachment to our companions in the story, and when making emotional choices, one is just as valid as the other. But it's neither right nor fair to force that choice on anyone else. If you were able to kill off a companion without it affecting anyone else, I'd support it. But as that is not the case in this game, a kill option should only be reserved for those NPCs who's death will be uncontested. And I for one would never kill off Lana, who I consider to be the most pragmatic and loyal Sith I've ever met in the game on any character.
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10.06.2018 , 06:16 PM | #22
From my own observations over the last few years when this companion killing all began, I believe that if we see a character we like or are attached to being killed off I do believe it to be a natural reaction to become defensive and wonder why others we don't like aren't receiving the same treatment and so we'll strike out at other characters. Am I guilty of this, yeah I probably am. It's a vicious circle the Dev's started by killing off companions that has no end, for every new character we get from now on there will be a matching "why can't we kill x" thread. We'll no longer appreciate new characters because we've become so obsessed with killing them off and be waiting for this to happen so won't be as attached to them as older companions.
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10.06.2018 , 07:04 PM | #23
TL-DR: I do not have a monolithic view of Lana in game. Ergo, choices are best.

Unless the character is integral to the arc of the main story, I will always side with the option to give the player the most choices available. In the context of this thread, while I as <<insert real life name>> have a perspective on Lana, my characters have wide-ranging ones because I take my respective alts interactions with companions seriously, and I enjoy the variation from an RP perspective. Hence, on different characters:

A) I have a M / F romance with Lana.

B) I have a F / F romance with Lana.

C) I have one who views her as incompetent and can't forgive what she did to Theron on Rishi. She wants to abandon her.

D) I have one who hates her bossiness and doesn't appreciate her snappy comebacks and questioning my orders. And given the pathos of this character, he would kill her in a heartbeat, particularly given her inability to notice a spy under her nose on Ziost when she was Minister of Intelligence.

E) I have one who doesn't romance her, but puts her on a pedestal for her tactical prowess.

F) A whole bunch of others who appreciate her help, but are neutral on her because they are romancing others.

If she is destined just to become another companion, my choices do not impact anyone. I know this is a sensitive subject for some, but if she is destined to become another Vector or Mako, or Quinn or Vette, then I see no harm in allowing a kill or abandon option.

Why? Because the writers have already abandoned her as a narrator / integral character in the main story. As that applies now to only Theron and Lana, the question becomes -- why give them such primacy? As such, let her be like any other normal companion. And when you arrive at that conclusion -- the more choices the better.

As a proud member of the LGBT community, I get the argument that she is the only F/F companion. There should be more. As a G member of that community (though I howled when someone a year back or so called me a Gammorean) , we have three (though, frankly, the Koth one is hardly worth mentioning it's so trivial). That does not mean, however, that she and Theron have to dominate the next expansion like they did in 4.0 and 5.0. And, hopefully, they will introduce more F/F options.

I would also note that the option of killing off a character does not preclude future interaction. Exhibit A: Arcann (who actually gets a nod in Nathema FP assuming you didn't kill him).

But as others have noted, I too got a bit tired of 4.0 and 5.0 being so Lana and Theron-centric. I actually wasn't Alliance Commander -- they were. Let me bring my own companions, even if that means RP-ing in my head.


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10.07.2018 , 12:14 AM | #24
I cannot think of any reason to kill off Lana that isn't pure contrivance although anything's possible with how this last vestigial thread of Legends lore is tumbling through the vortex of low budgeting and IP gatekeeper (Disney) disrespect. Chances are something that weighs too heavily on her conscience will be a player choice in this next expansion cycle to scratch that itch just because it would constitute a cheap dramatic hook to try and catch a few more players.

And I'm not a fan of BA dropping narratives for characters that can die either, but at the same time it's amusingly disturbing how much emotion is wasted on video game romance. Seriously, try getting some culture and reading actual literature out there or if that's too boring play something built around vicarious relationship with cold nonreciprocal software like a visual novel. That Bioware's love stories are a draw to some people has always struck me funny. They're cornier than the paperback romance novellas sold near the checkout kiosks at Wal-Mart marketed toward menopausal cat moms to go with their ice cream.
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10.12.2018 , 08:52 PM | #25
My Sith Warrioress always wanted to kill Lana, that dumb blonde. Gold medal for dumb blonde who requests that the Emperor's Loyal Wrath betray her own Master. That's like the last person you should ask. Guess she knew she had plot armor on. And what, she thinks she is safe because he ended up betraying my Warrioress and is no longer present? Wrong. My Warrioress still has a bone to pick with Darth Vowran for deceiving her on Rishi. It would be no fair to him if he was disposed of for the same reasons but not Lana. I like how he hasn't shown his face since that incident. Probably knew I was going after him after he made me kill my daddy Emperor's protective spy agents, who were just there to look after me.

I was going to forgive Lana after Valk betrayed my Wrath, for obvious reasons, but ...I don't know. My Warrioress no longer bows down to others. It's high time any potential threat is exterminated. Even you, Jaesa, if you've forgotten your place after all this time.

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10.12.2018 , 10:38 PM | #26
There should be. Especially now that she's no longer the sole option for F-SGR. If they can do it to Theron, they can do it to her. I would be satisfied, if we could just get rid of her for a while--send her to the ends of the galaxy to fetch Outer Rim Chocolate so that we don't have to have her in our face in every. single. mission. forever, if we don't want to. But killing is good too. <.<

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10.12.2018 , 10:44 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by DesirableTom View Post
We just need to stop killing off LIs, period.
Yeah, I would've agreed...except that ship has sailed and some are not better than others that have been killed and those that haven't been aren't more worthy to live than those lost. Death for all or death for none.

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10.12.2018 , 10:46 PM | #28
Of course. Hey, having two F/F romances limited to two classes in Alliance Alerts that will never be main story is a-ok, we can kill off the only one for the other six classes! EQUALITY, y'all!

Who wants to take bets on when the first "I hate 5.10 female companion/I want them dead" threads will start appearing from this bunch? My wager is the day after the patch drops. They'll play through and invent the usual reasons to worship the males, even if they're out there kicking puppies, and invent their usual reasons to find hate the females, all while screaming that the devs are sexist.

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10.12.2018 , 10:51 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Ardrossan View Post
The problem isn't that we should or shouldn't kill off LIs, it's that BW needs to continue writing for characters even when in one dialogue tree they end up dead. Killing off LIs is fine. BW's lazy writing is not.
This right here is the best post in the whole thread, I think. I agree completely. Characters should continue for people even if others decided to kill them. Excellent post Ardrossan.

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10.12.2018 , 11:01 PM | #30
I really don' t hate Lana but I am tired of her being the one that we have to use. Even in the new chapter coming up it seems she is the only one that knows anything, sorry that is wrong. That really shouldn't be. My jedi wouldn't tell her, they would tell Theron since he has always been loyal to the Republic. If you are going to betray the Republic fine tell Lana but if you are loyal to the Republic or going to betray the Empire then no.

Regarding the new characters in the new chapter, I have no problems with them except for one thing, my sorceress did not side with Malora on Korriban so they already have sort of a history not a good one.

I don't hate them except the way Malora is being represented on twitter is not setting well with me. I don't care if some like her but the comment on twitter stating she is everyone's favorite doesn't sit well with me. She not my favorite and I really don't appreciate that comment and it really bothers me that Eric would actually say that on twitter. It would have been better to have said Some of our favorite or something in that line. This is not the first time they have done this but the first time I overlooked it, when they said everyone hated Koth but here they go again.
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