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Feedback regarding unmitigated RNG: it leads to frustration and lack of agency for me

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Feedback regarding unmitigated RNG: it leads to frustration and lack of agency for me

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02.17.2017 , 03:52 PM | #1
TLDR: Players who are unlucky need an RNG fail-safe. Mitigate the RNG with something like an unassembled token every 10 gear piece disintegrations.

My experience (aka the reason I think unmitigated rng should be changed)

I feel frustrated and lacking in agency, not rewarded or thrilled, with the unmitigated RNG in the Galactic Command gear system. The accelerated cxp (which does arguably minimally lessen the grind problem but that is a different issue I'm not addressing here) has not lessened the frustration.

My frustration boils down to the fact that every time I open a command crate I feel like I'm one of the unluckiest players in swtor AND I have no way of changing the odds, which already feel stacked against me.
  • Now, I know all the answers to this: Gear via pvp (I don't pvp), Gear with ops (I pug ops and have not gotten one rng loot roll in my favor) ignore Galactic Command when you play (my brain doesn't work that way, and I like better gear, and I'd feel like I could join one of the 'looking for healer HM - please have gear' messages if I had gear).
  • And I know that my experience might be one of average luck. (We don't know for sure, because you (BWA) don't release loot drop table percentages, and my disapointment and frustration leave me to assume the worst).
And the kicker (as in kicking a dog when it's down) is that lack of agency. I can't effect luck at all. That streak of 50+ green/blue drops I had from Command level 1 to 5x? I could be in the midst of another one, nothing to do about it.

Am I unlucky? I don't know. It sure feels like it - if you are interested in what has dropped for me, check out the spoiler. Unlucky or just a perception problem on my part exacerbated with needing to guess at what the drop rates actually are, I dunno.


FEEDBACK suggestion

So, as this may be my last chance to give feedback, and you said, BWA, repeatedly you said: "keep the feedback coming" - so here is my feedback. Mitigate the RNG. Players need a fail-safe!

I WANT to have fun in the game, I WANT to subscribe. But since the implementation of GC I don't have fun, or feel rewarded by unmitigated rng drops of practically all crap. What I do feel is frustrated and extremely unlucky. I'm not going to pay EA/BW for a game to make me feel frustrated and unlucky - I get more than enough of that in real life.

Many players have written on this and other boards saying that this system is was put in place by BW to make people sub for lengthy periods. I don't see how having an RNG fail-safe (tied to a certain number of GC levels, like 10 gear disintigrations = 1 unassembled token or something like that) would impede that goal at all. And it would make some of us (who are unsubbing due to unmitigated RNG) at least consider resubbing.

So long and thanks for all the fish

So, goodbye BWA and forum folks. If any interesting discussion occurs in this thread, I'll follow it and may reply if I'm still able. For kicks, I'd sure love to hear if you think my drop rate (in the spoiler above) is lucky/unlucky/average.

Oh, and my stuff is already spoken for.
5.0 House of RNG Horror GrindgoRound unsub.

No link for (un)rewarding, (un)exciting and frustrating unmitigated RNG.

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02.17.2017 , 03:58 PM | #2
I didn't give my stuff out, I just typed delete on every single character on every server.

Giving stuff out just encourages other players to subject themselves to a sub par situation for a little longer.
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