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Sorc Alt looking for a home


Desiirea's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 04:37 AM | #1
Currently looking for a guild for my Sorc alt Descordia. Not an easy task considering the unusal circumstances. If your guild can offer a home away from home or if you know one that might fit these needs please contact me on Descordia (Imp) or Desiirea (Pub).

What I'm looking for in a guild:
Mature players - I've already raised one teen and am currently raising another. I need a break from them. I'm also a female gamer. No I'm not available and am just here to game. I like to joke here and there, but If anyone in your guild can not be mature about this fact, please don't invite me.

Open minded - This will be a 2ndary guild for me. Desiirea is my main and Ascension is my main guild. All raid/ ranked pvp will be priority on the Pub toon. I like to be very upfront and honest about this so everyone is on the same page..
I love to help out though. When I am on my Imp... I AM AN IMP! and will gladly help/hang out as long as there is no conflict of interest.

Mostly I'm just looking for a guild to kick back and have some drama free Evil Impy fun with.

What I can offer to a guild:
Mature, fun loving personality.
Experienced in high level PVP and PVE.
61modded PvE gear (ready for EC Hard), Full BM/ partial WH PvP geared
Low needs (aka extremely self sufficiant)
Fun, laughs, and lots of hugs.
Last but not least Cookies!
Desiirea, The Cookiegoddess Legacy - Seer Sage
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09.21.2012 , 01:03 AM | #2
all your cookies are belong to me!

join my guild we need a healer for full time use for our HM EC raids